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tea tree oil extract

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I originally bought the extract for my kids due to a lice outbreak at school (you add it to their shapoo bottle) and now that it's here I've been looking at ways to use it. So far it's worked well mixed in eucerin creme base on a staph infection on Mitzi's tail and I'm testing it on demodetic mange.


Our vet (due to the severity of one siblings oubreak)wanted me to shave down some poor long hair pups and dip them. I think he said 2 times a week but, I couldnt process past the shave their bodies down completely. I've looked at a ton of options and though well goodwinol works well possibly this would work better.


I've been pretty pleased with it's results on infection. I do/or did have them on oral antibiotics but, it makes the skin soft, seems to heal up the scabbing better.


In the past I've used daily interceptor on a bc mix who had demodex pretty bad but, it's a bit costly. She had been treated with Ivermec before but, continued to flare.


It would be great to find a real natural remedy.

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I've got a compilation of several things that have worked for demodex, it's all anecdotal, but there's a lot of different ideas. I could snail mail you a copy, I don't have it stored on the computer anywhere.


Some of it's nuturitional, some of it ointments, etc.


PM me if you'd like a copy.



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Sheryl, part of the regimen I used when treating Jack's demodex was a rinse with warm water and tea tree oil. I have no idea if it was that, the immune boosting or just time that "cured" him, but I was happy with the results. It wasn't a quick fix, but I felt much better about treating him that way, instead of using chemicals.

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Yes, tea tree oil and other essential oils can be toxic to cats. I don't think the dilute amount that was left on Jack's coat would bother my cats, but I always made sure he was dry before I let him run around, in case he encountered a cat.

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When Sierra tore her pectineus (groin) muscle, I had to hobble her back legs to support her bad leg. I was advised to soak the hobble in tea tree oil to prevent her from chewing it. I have to say it worked quite well. It's a pretty potent smell though, especially on a 6-hour car trip to an agility trial... our sinuses felt clear after that trip! haha Luckily my friend riding with me loved the smell of it, not everyone can stand it.

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