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GOOD dog! Vocab mastered.

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So, I've been working with Buddy on "Touch Squeaker," "Touch leash," and "Touch Woofy." He has to leave me, go touch the identified item with his nose or paw, and then he gets his "GOOD job" and treat. (I never clicker trained, but I do have a vocalization that marks the correct behavior.)


When the "good stuff" like chicken is out, he's really excited to work for a few minutes, and then seem to get overloaded and starts throwing all his tricks at me. So I only do a couple turns of this, then relax. I was worried that he wasn't generalizing the "touch" command, that it wasn't making a connection in his brain.


Well, this afternoon, Buddy was in the living room whining for something. He does this when one of his toys is out of reach, when his ball rolls under the couch, etc. So I went in, and he was standing there, vaguely looking at the whole room and at me, as if I should know what he wanted. Unable to ask him in complete sentences to tell me what he wanted, I tried, "Touch!" He promptly walked to the chest/coffee table where all his toys are kept, and touched the hinged area with his nose. He wanted me to open the chest for him.


Good boy! :rolleyes: A little victory of training.



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