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OK. I figure I've already thrown in my two cents worth on a couple of topics. Maybe I should tell everyone who I am. For openers, I have a nearly six year old sable border collie named Sophia. She's a--GASP, ready for this?--pet, not a working dog. I wasn't exactly looking for a border colllie when I went to my local shelter although I've always been partial to the wool-chasing breeds. But there she was and there I was and four years later here we are.


Sophie in brief:


Highly predatory--taken out quite a few not particularly cuddly creatures. OK, so the bunnies are collateral damage. She respects cats and knows that a dog is a dog even if it doesn't weigh much more than a hamster. I've borrowed her nickname, The Sophinator.


Loves people. This dog is so outgoing to humans that, if she were human, she would be either a politician or a used car salesman. Really knows how to schmooze and lay on the charm. Unfortunately, her social butterfly routine does not extend to canines as a species. I'm sure I'll bring this up in several posts.


Thunderstorm phobic. A rumble of thunder in the next county is the Trumpet Of Armageddon to her. And I'm a storm spotter because I am so fascinated by severe weather. Do opposites attract?


Hates icecream trucks. Nope, I don't get it either.


Me? I'll never see the young side of the century mark, have a wicked sense of humor, and love being outdoors. With the dog. Unless it's storming.


That's my story and I'm sticking to it. See you around the boards.

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So what's the shock about Sophie as pet? Many Border Collies (and periforal dogs) on these boards are pets and companions, and none the less for that.


Keeps the world safe from small animals - well, you can deal with that. I am a bunny-lover, myself.


Loves people and could be a politician. I'd like to hear some of her views on current pressing issues. She has only a couple of years to prepare an exploratory committee and prepare for the primary races (she's a Border Collie - I assume she'd run for President).


Thunder phobic - sorry, I can't help there, but I know that can be a rough problem.


Hates ice cream trucks - fine, that leaves more ice cream for me.


I could be older than you, so there!

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Hates icecream trucks.

Annie does not have a problem with ice cream trucks. But she HATES the UPS truck, including anything associated with it (the poor driver included).

Thunderstorm phobic.

Annie goes into hiding if there is thunder anywhere in the Northeastern part of the US. She also goes into hiding at the sound of fireworks and gunfire (not uncommon in the woods behind us). Strangely, she seems to be sensitive to the harmonics in our electric stove, and hides until DW is finished cooking.


Sounds to me like Sophie is a "normal" BC (keeping in mind that "normal BC" is an oxymoron).

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welcome from Ringo and me. He to is a pet but don't tell him. He is all business....except when playing or hugging one of us. Look forward to pictures and stories Remember skateboarding is not a crime except to BC's who are sure they are up to no good. And as I often say of bc's .......I would never recommend one as a pet (most people are not up to it) but I would never be without one.........I'm hooked.

Best Wishes



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