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Puppy soon!

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Hey all,


Haven't been around in awhile, to do pet portraits or otherwise. It's been a busy time, I moved to a new, spacious house, and have been working like crazy to save money and start my business. I do have some good news, though...


I've found a breeder that's the right fit, and I will be getting a puppy from her sometime at the end of January.


She's a good working breeder, both parents are stock dogs moving up in local trials. Her pups go to both working and sport/active companion homes, which is why she was recommended to me. The pups will most likely all be black and white tri.


I'm so excited! It gives me lots of time to plan, and to pick a name. I have first pick on a boy, so I've been scouring for good boy names. :rolleyes:

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:rolleyes::D :D Congrats!! When do you get him?? When do they hatch?? We expect lots of pictures... :D
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To answer questions I missed before... the pups are due November 23rd, so I should be getting the pup around the end of January. Plenty of time to plan. :D This week, I'm working on getting a gate set up in my backyard, as right now there's no fence by my driveway/backyard area. Gotta fix that!


I'm excited and nervous. I haven't had a puppy since my LAST dog was just a puppy.... and that was 14 years or so ago! (I was 10, but still took a lot of responsibility for training him).


He was a BC mix, so I'm sure this dog will be more intense and intelligent overall. I've been researching like mad for the past three or four years. I'm glad I waited for the right breeder to come along, but I can't deny that the wait has been excruciating. :rolleyes:

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