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Going to watch a trial--proper ettiquette?

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I am going to go to watch the trial at Kathy Knox farm happening this weekend in Missouri. I am wondering if it is ok to take my now 7 month old pup with me or if that would be poor ettiquette? DH is out of town and I'm driving a little over an hour to get there, so if it is problematic, I'll just kennel her and go for less time than I had planned... I kind of wanted to camp out in my tent there on the field, but it will be pretty cold...I might decide the hour drive is better. I am thinking if I take her kennel and leave it in the back of the truck, if she is bored and doesn't want to hang out or is frustrated, I can just let her sleep awhile in her kennel.

Any suggestions or instructions/comments appreciated. I wasn't sure where to post this, but have been doing pretty good fishing here in the general discussion...LOL

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Bring wine, only red, and lots of it. Opps! I'm not attending this trial. :rolleyes:


I'm with Wendy....I'm not going to be there either.


But bring some red wine up to Ontario next August...i'm sure Wendy & I might share with you.


It is very good socialization and others will have their puppies. You will see what is expected (or not expected) of trial travelling puppies while you are there.



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Great trial to watch. Take a chair, leash, water, and some silent entertainment for the puppy, like a big rawhide, or cow hoof, or non squeaky toy. You are more than welcome to watch with her as long as she is silent, and not disturbing the sheep anywhere. If she 'turns on' and lunges/barks at the fence know that it isn't 'cute' but potentially could ruin someones run. If she is well behaved, she will get loads of socialization.



Have a good time. There will be great handlers there to watch, and the sheep are challenging. Jack and Kathy are great hosts.

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Here's an old thread that may be of some help.


Thanks for the link, it didn't work, but I was able to click on your name and go back to your first posts and it didnt take long to find your similar post! Bess behaved pretty good. Today was novice trials. Tomorrow and Sunday are the rest---really full days. Folks were nice. Hope to get to go again for awhile tomorrow. Too bad there are so many other things going on this weekend with famil;y and all...oh well...

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