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  1. I thought I had nice whistles until I spent a week at a Kent clinic. We spent the whole week refining my sounds and the use of them. I have a single note flank for small movements, a two note flank for bigger, and three notes to 'circle the sheep - go big' flank. Each direction has its own variations, and they do NOT start with similar sounds. I have a slow walk up, and a medium, and a hurry,hurry one. I have a stop (with a tail) and a slow down (without the tail,) and use verbal 'take time' at the start of the drive to remind them about pace. I have a peep that means there. I have a reca
  2. Update: I have had Lola in the big field maybe 4 times and it is much better than the round pen. She is a speed demon to get to balance, but slams to a stop then. Not trying a walk up yet... still trying to get her to relax. Has not busted into sheep (15) out in the field since it is a pain in the A** to her to regather when she wants them grouped. It seems to be the answer. Thanks Bob I'll let you know how she comes along. Marilyn
  3. My understanding of a packed pen, is to stuff a stall full of sheep, and go in with the young dog. They learn to move near the sheep, weaving their way betweent he sheep and the wall and lose their 'fear' of the sheep. YOu pack it full so the sheep can't back up and ram the pup, and the pup can't get a tornado going inside the small area. I don't know anything more, but have hear that it can really work, if you know what you are doing, or be a disaster if you don't. I agree that the round pen has been bringing out the wolf in her, and have just yesterday, on advice from another friend
  4. Hey Bob... long time no see. What experience have you had using the 'packed pen' for young dogs. I have a year old bitch, that is fast and furious... your kinda pup! Anyway, she is in the round pen still. Stops dead on balance, and wants to control heads, so is constantly flanking to cover the heads. When I ask her to walk up to the sheep, she rushes in and dives and bites. I think basically it is insecurity of how to handle sheep. I have blocked, and yelled so far... to keep from getting run over first, and to protect the sheep. I also have moved her over a couple of feet, and bac
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