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The girls and I finally found a place to go herding around here. We've got an hour booked for this coming Monday morning! :rolleyes: Yaaay - it's been almost exactly a year since Z was on sheep at 6 months old and showed little interest, so we'll see what she does now at 17 months; at 7.5 months she was interested in the sheep she saw at a trial we spectated at, so I have hope. Maggie will be happy to get into her work mode again - she loves playing at herding. :D Right now I don't have anyone who can play photog, but I'll bring my camera just in case I'm outside the fence or someone is available to get some.


Just had to share the joy!

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Red Creek Farm in Townville, SC (Carol Anne and Jon Tholkes) - they didn't have available lesson spots a few months ago, but they're now opening some up on weekday evenings (and Monday mornings for me I think). Cost is $45/hour and you can generally work 2 dogs/hour. If you're free Monday at 9:30am you could join us as they reserved 2 hours since I said I might have a friend or two tagging along (ACD people I know, one I doubt can make it).

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That's great!! Take lots of pictures for me.

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