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The Loneliness of Rose by Jon Katz

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I just opened up my MSN home page and the front page was What Happens When a Dog Works Too Much by Jon Katz. You can Listen to the author reading this story or sign up for Slate's fee daily podcat on iTunes. Thought you might be interested. Usually these headlines are only there for the day.

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Originally posted by Jo&Tex:

I haven't read any of his stuff but I trust what I read on this board.

You can read it here . It's the only thing of his I've ever read, but it seems to confirm what people here think about him.
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I get so many people asking me about Katz when they meet my dogs that I made up a little web page on my site that gathered up a bunch of these threads' links in one place.


I've actually had people write to me and tell me they are relieved that there are border collie people who don't like him because they don't care for him/his books/his disservice to the breed/etc. either. And people have also written to me and said "Thank goodness he doesn't have [insert dog breed name here]!!


Allie + Tess & Kipp


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I just got on of his books but I haven't read much. Why don't people like him? Just thought I would ask real quick while we were on the topic. Thanks. God Bless

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