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Tex got quilled tonight

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He was on the porcupine before I noticed it. That's Tex, irresistable force meets immovable object.

He had about 20 small quills in his nose, lips, gums and roof of mouth. I got them all out except for 2 tips that broke off in his lip. He bit me but I perserved. I also found a few quills in my hip, I guess it swiped me too.

My poor special little guy, he knows now that some smells mean OUCH!


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Poor Tex, we can sympathize. We've never run into porcupines but here in some parts of Az. we have Cholla-jumping cactus that will attach themselves to whatever brushes against them,even vibrations on the ground near by will cause a segment to "jump" onto whatever is nearby. I lived in a house that was on open rangeland and I had 3 sammies, the older male was a pussy cat but occasionally he would try to show some macho.One day he decided it was his job to chase the cattle that were hanging around and off he went. He came home after about 8 hours covered head to toes with cholla,even on his nose,in his mouth,on his tongue, in his armpits and his tail must have had 3 dozen stuck in the fur. I had to leave him at the vets for 3 days so they could remove enough cactus to allow him to drink and eat.

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Well, it's been a week and Tex now has a roaring eye infection. As you can imagine, he's very touchy about having his eyes handled.

This morning I managed to remove a quill point from below the eye but it's still goopy and swollen. Hopefully, that's all it is and Tex will be back to his old self soon.

Damn &^$#%*#@^%& porcupines!

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