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Question to RAW feeders regarding flies

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I've been reading up on feeding raw and trying to figure out how to get it pulled off. There was a mention that the odor of your dog changes, is this true? And, do the flies that seem to be as attracted to your dogs. I'm fighting a huge fly strike problem right now, spraying, hosing, baths, swat, on and on. I was just kinda wondering there was a chance that switching to raw would give us another benefit.





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We still have a little trouble with ear fly strike when the weather is as hot and humid as it is. But overall yes, the odor is significantly less, as is the attraction of the dog to parasites of any kind.


The difference when dogs come here that are not raw fed is striking.

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Buzz has been eating raw w/additional cooked veggies and grains for about 3 weeks now. Before that, he ate CA Natural, a reasonably good kibble. He's always been a dog who smelled wonderfully fresh, and he's not had a bath in over 4 yrs.


Totally raw and grainless did not agree at all with Shoshone. She lost a lot of weight and just looked scraggly and unhappy. When I put her back on kibble, she gained back enough weight to look normal, her coat improved, and her disposition did, too.


It really all depends on the dog. In your shoes, I'd give it a try, because I'd be trying anything.


Good luck, I hope you find a solution,


Ruth n the BC3

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