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I want to post few pictures of my BC, Ugla (female) and her sister:)


I really want to adopt her sister Dögg, but I don´t know if my boyfriend can handle another Ugla.

He really loves her though, but two Borders... I´m not sure...

Maybe we will help the owners finding a new home for Dögg..it is crazy how you can get obsessed with this breed, they not only capture your heart and mind i a second, they also make you go hooked on them..

How can it be possible?

Also I want to ask you who have the experience, is it possible to have 2 Border Collies at the same time (Puppies 5 months old).


This was just taken few hours ago, with our new camera cannon 400d

Myself and Ugla




This is her sister Dögg which I mentioned.

Her current owner/breeder took this picture




I just have to put this one also, this is Bella my Pomeranian / Chihuahua female.. just love this picture!

Is she smiling or what!?



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I am certainly not one to say, because I don't have two dogs, let alone littermate puppies! Basically the theory is that although two dogs means twice as much food, vet bills and training sessions. Keep in mind that you'll have to dedicate time to each individual puppy to do training until they are on a level where they can listen to you equally. Aside from that, it can be better in some ways because the two can play and entertain each other rather than constantly pestering you. As well as a socialization benefit, it teaches them how to behave around other dogs because they grow up together. So there are definitely pros and cons to both and you might just find two dogs benefit you in ways. I'll allow the multi-BC homes to describe why, etc.

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If you're not sure about having 2 adolescent monsters border collie puppies then it's probably best to wait :rolleyes: Raising one is hard enough, I couldn't imagine trying to take on 2 at once! It sounds like a great idea to help find a good home for Ugla's sister, that way you can feel good about not adopting her, as well as making sure each dog will recieve 110% of the attention that they need! Plus your boyfriend might stick around :D I converted my husband from a cat person, and now he's getting excited about getting HIS dog!


Good luck with whatever you decide, your dogs are adorable! :D

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I have 3 bc's none of them siblings or near in age 15yr, 8 yr, 19mos. The youngster is a handful in and of himself can't imagine having 2 of him! From what I understand though, raising littermates can be problematic, they have a tendency to bond more with each other than with the human, you need to spend time one on one, with a pup crated or gated away during that time. I'd wait until your little girl is more grown up enjoy her puppiness and when she's about 1 or two add a second. Welcome to the devine church of the Border Collie!

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