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  1. I really want to learn more about canine disc and my dogs love it, but where I live there are no teachers that teach canine disc or any competitions so basicly everything has to go through web search or boos. I was wondering if anyone could give me useful informations or maybe post some useful links or ideas of books ?
  2. Thanks. I screwed up the heelwork off leash excercise the first time but got 9.5 the second time. I also went the second time with my mind set different so we were both very relaxed and I did not get my hopes high but was very surpriced to find out we had won. She doesn´t have to be a herding dog, I love her just the way she is
  3. Well, I just have to share this because for me it´s a dream to come true! I live in Iceland and here there are not many dog competitions. In our kennel club last year the were no obedience trial for all breeds of dogs because of lack of competitors (belive it or not, 5 is minimum) and the year before I was not ready to compete.. So this year I decieded to compete and I did. Our first trial (basycly in Iceland we call it a test) we got 123.5 pts out ot 180 max and 90 mininum but did not get place. Than a little more than a week later Ugla got the first place of 7 dogs with 162.5 pts out of
  4. juliepoudrier THANK YOU SO MUCH! The thing I mentioned about only good critiq was ofcourse just a joke I can handle a critiq, exspecially because this is the first dog I train, and I don´t know anything except what i read online and the teacher tells me what to do. I know that I tuned him up by sending him like I did and the trainer corrected me. I have no worries about this being a good sheepdog when well trained, but because this is new to me I have to ask questions and I am so thankful you replied my thread. I went again this evening and I did excactly what you said i should do (I
  5. I got the oppurtunity to train Atlas to herd and because it is 1,5 hours drive to where the trainer is from where I live I can not go every day but since June I have gone to 7 lessons with him. The first time I went the trainer just let him work with his instinct-no orders or anything, except for trying to stop him. He saw the sheep and immediately his nature kicked in. The sheep in Iceland are a bit difficult. these ones have been trained with dogs for some years now but they are still grumpy and very "hard", but they are NOTHING compare to the regular / wild/ untrained ones.. so the farme
  6. Wow she is awesome and what a great progress in 9 weeks /which is hard to belive ). B.t.w she is beautiful and I subscribed to your youtube channel, I look forward to see the next video of her!
  7. Thank you so much for your replies! Well I went to see how she would be around sheep the day before yesterday and she was so scared This dog is really tense type- hyperactive, very sound sensitive and I kind of exspected her to act this way. She barked at the sheep and started just blocking everything by sniffing the grass, rolling around in sheep dirt and eating it And we did not want to push her to her limits so we called it a day. Before we stopped the trainer put her own dog on the field to see if that would trigger her interest, and she moved closer to she sheep but nothing happene
  8. Thanks for your answers. I plan on going again with her if this goes well tonight, I´ll just have to see how this goes I guess I sure look forward to see how she will act around sheep, just can´t wait and have been waiting for over two years now, never had the courage untill now. Muttley crew, she is beautiful! And yes she is similar in appearence.
  9. I have a border collie (I think), everybody says she looks and acts like one but because I found her outside and no one claimed her back, I don´t know if she´s pure or not. Tonight we will take her to a friend of mine who lives in the country side and we will try her on sheep so I am wondering what to expect? I am a bit worry she will be afraid or something or not show interest at all and then I will be disapointed But I was wondering because I don´t know how these things work, if she does not show any interest at all the first time, is it unlikely she´s a Bc ?
  10. I only feed my dogs raw and they are gaining a bit extra weight but they burn it off quicly this summer when they get alot of excersice and swim every day so I am not worried. I have been feeding them raw for two months now straight and I probably am overfeeding them so I am starting to cut some off but they get enough. I feed them 4% of their bodyweight but recently there has been a less excersice. I also use the rib theory but because I am new to this I am still learning. But I see it on my dogs if they are too fat og too skinny, I know exactly how they are suppose to be.
  11. That´s great! Is Táta from Iceland? And thanks, yes Ugla is really sweet. Mátt endilega senda mér upplýsingar um hana ef hún er frá Íslandi, er mjög forvitin:)
  12. Thanks for your advice:) And Yes- Smalahundur, ég er frá Íslandi:) Ertu að rækta Border? Well I did take Ugla with me Yesterday to see the horses, well, I think I will have to take her few times so she will be comfortable with them, but she was quite calm, and surpriced me actually. So we will continue doing this, and maybe when she is calm, we will do some excercises:) Thank you=)
  13. I have a dog, Ugla, who is a little over two years old now, and I have never been with her around horses. Well, I live nearby where there are a lot of horse stables, and it is not a problem when we meet them when walking on a leash. But in november last year I had a terrible discovery, and I found out that ugla is terrified around horses in the stables. She thinks their some huge monster giants or something, and she barks alot at them. Well the thing is, I really want to help my friends family feeding their horses and cleaning the srtables, and it would be so great if I could use that o
  14. Gypsy is great! I loved the video! You both are awesome!
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