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I was wondering if somebody can help me out.


I'm going to be moving to the Miami from Mexico in a month or two. Since I'll be staying at a friends apartment, where they don't allow dogs, I can't take my dogs with me and I'll be leaving them with some other friends in Mexico. I was wondering if anybody knows of a way that I can have them shipped to me, so that I don't have to come back to Mexico to pick them up once I get an apartment of my own.




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I don't know how traveling across the southern border works with animals; I've only traveled to Canada. Crossing there you only need some sort of health certificate.


I think doing what you propose might be difficult. If at all possible, I would bring them with you now and try to find a place to board them. Hardly ideal, but may be easiest.


The only time I looked into bringing animals across the border was when DH was looking into selling his business and would be temporarily located in Mexico. From what I recall, crossing into Mexico was not much of a problem, but getting back across with the same animal was problematic. Cats and dogs were difficult, and don't even bother trying to get a bird across.


That said, I am always suspicious of transport companies. I know that they exist and are actually quite prolific across the US, but I'd much rather network with the people on this board (none of which I've metm but at least I know that they know dogs in general and BCs in particular and know full well if I tell them that Whisper will bite if she's stressed and inform of some of her stressors that they will listen and not stress her unduly) than go with these companies. Not that they are bad, but it's just me.


I don't know if this helped at all. Perhaps someone else knows more than I do about crossing the MExico/US border with dogs.

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