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Hello everyone,


This is my first post here on the BC Boards and I figured since I will probably be spending a considerable amount of time here I should introduce myself. Firstly, my name is Ryan and I live in Indianapolis, IN and I have recently adopted my 3rd BC, although I have only had one at at time.


Skyler (My SN) recently passed away after 12 of the most wonderful years of friendship from pancreatic cancer. He went from being completely normal to passing away in my arms at about 2:20 am within three days. It was the most devastating loss I have ever had in my life but I still have love to share and a need for companionship that only a BC can give.


So, with my wife's loving encouragement I adopted a new pup that I named Koda. He is a black and white that is almost 8 weeks old with markings that send chills down my spine because they are so close to my recently passed Skyler's. No dog could ever replace him but the house is just to empty without black and white fur on the floor at my feet. We also have a little 3 yr old female long haired Chihuahua named Sage. She adored Skyler and is suprisingly enjoying the rough play with Koda.....for now.


It is nice to meet you all and Im sure I will have a ton of questions as Koda grows and matures. He is the youngest I have ever had and if I can just keep him from getting under my feet and biting my pant legs I'll be good :rolleyes:

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I am very sorry to hear of your loss. Nothing will replace the loss of the loved one (dog or otherwise) but your new pup will surely help fill the void in your heart. I know that when I lost my Skye, I ached until Celt came to fill that emptiness. The sadness of losing Skye remained but the days with Celt have had their own joys, and kept me busy and not brooding on what might have been.


Sounds like your wife is a keeper also!


Very best wishes!

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Welcome. It's nice that you're keeping Skyler's name going with your sig. I lost my previous Border Collie boy at 12 and a half - also quite suddenly - in his case form hemolytic anemia. It's such a shock when they go suddenly - not that you can ever really prepare for the loss, but with an older dog you have time to get adjusted a bit.


Welcome to Koda too. It certainly helps to have puppy breath to comfort, and puppy training to occupy your mind. We need a pic of Koda playing with your little Chihuahua!

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Yes, warm welcome to you, and to your wife and pups.


We want PICTURES of little Koda! Post them any time you like, on the People's Border Collie Gallery list. Our BCs are babies for just a short while: take pix (and share them) while you can!


I love the black n whites, too, and I'm looking forward to seeing Koda's cool markings!

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It says alot about this forum and the folks that are here to be so generous with sympathy and welcome - so thank you.


Yes, it helps to have a new puppy (breath included!) to keep my mind occupied. I have had dogs all of my life (and truly loved them all deeply) but Skyler was the one who just stole my heart so completely that I literally lost part of my soul when he died. Im just thankful that I was there holding and loving him when he went.


Yes, my wife is definately a keeper. I wasnt ready for another puppy but my wife kept encouraging me to get one. She kept saying that no dog will ever replace him but that I NEED to have another in my life. Little Sage just isnt up to all of the activity and outdoor things that I do. She in the 10 years we have been together said she has never seen me so utterly devastated and sad and that I was just not the person I used to be. Sometimes (just occasionally :rolleyes: ) the wife is right.


I dont have a digital camera as Im just still a film guy but my wife thinks the new puppy is reason to get one. I should have some good photos up by next week. I do have one of his litter that I'll post in a bit.


Thanks again for the warm welcome and Im looking forward to sharing with all of you.



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Do take pictures (and share with us). When I got Skye, I just had a film camera and took only a couple of photos. When he was killed at six months of age, I had hardly a photo to remember him by and I sorely regretted that. Now I have a digital camera, not very fancy, and have many photos of my dogs (although I should take more). If something, heaven forbid, should happen to one of them, I will have keepsake photos to cherish.


Just a note on Skye - a roll of film was developed after he died. There were no photos of him on it because I took none, at least not deliberately. Then I noticed something - in the background of a photo of my hubby and our first two grandchildren, was my precious Skye. He was sitting "at attention" with his lovely, huge, pricked ears up. An almost all black youngster, it took a look to see him there but he is. It is my favorite photo of him and brings tears (and joy) to my eyes whenever I see it. I like to think of it as his little message to tell me that he's okay and waiting for us.


Don't miss the opportunities. Digital is lovely because you can take photo after photo, and not worry about wasting film on shots that might not come out. I was a hard sell but my hubby convinced me and I have to admit, he was very right.

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I dont realy knwo whats the feeling when you lost a dog ( Aki is my first dog ) but i know i never in my life want to come back from work to an empty house!!!


Yoou will never forget the one and only dog in your life but there is also some place for other!

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Urf. So sorry about your loss. Pancreatic cancer sucks; the speed can be abosultely horrific. And it's usually unexpected; it's one of the ones that tends to creep up silently and then by the time you know it's there it's already got the upper hand in a big way. We rarely win that one.


It may be little consolation, but at least the last thing Skyler knew was the hand of a friend. Many of us will not do so well.


I'm glad you have little Koda (not to mention Sage and your wonderful spouse - not necessarily in that order!) to help you through this. You're right that Koda will not replace Skyler - but in a way, that's all to the good. You can still have Skyler in your heart and also have Koda to chew on your pants legs and clown you out of the blues. There's plenty of room in the human heart for more dogs, I've found, without ever sacrificing the room taken up by our departed four-legged loves. IMO it's much easier to bond to a new puppy when you're NOT trying to replace an old one; if you were expecting the new one to BE the old one, you'd be disappointed for sure, as well as missing out on the unique wonderfulness of the new pup. So good for you for figuring that out already. That's not always so easy.


Just a note on film cameras.... you can get the photos put on disk either when the film is developed or at any time thereafter (by bringing in the negatives). The disk can go in the computer and then TA DA!!!! You have a ton of photos you can share with us without giving up the joys of film photography. HINT HINT. :rolleyes:


Welcome to the Boards.

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