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Woo hoo! Dog training victory!

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Here's a little victory I had the other day - it certainly made me a proud mother. :rolleyes:


My dog was very reactive at first, and it has whittled down some minor, workable residual reactivity. One of the things I worked with him on was walking a curve away from "scary" dogs, and also doing a down-stay at a safe distance if Buddy's dog friends wanted to run over and greet the scary ones. (His tendency is to want to run in and break up the fun - if he doesn't like the dog, NO ONE should play with him!) At some point on one of our walks, we were approached by two large boxers, and Buddy took himself off the path and did a down-stay on his own. Such a happy day!


But here's the best thing, from Monday: I was walking Buddy off leash in a small park. Total darkness, so he had his little glowing collar light on. I saw his light run away from me, fast, which he only does when the cheese-giving lady, Maria, shows up. So, I didn't worry, figuring it was just Maria. But then I saw Buddy run back in the opposite direction and pause for a moment. Then finally, he headed back toward his goal. And it did end up being Maria, the cheese-giver. But when she met up with me, she said that Buddy had headed towards her, and the noticed that she was with the owner of a husky he doesn't like. When Buddy saw the husky, he backed away a good distance, and LAY DOWN until the husky's owner had moved on. Then he went back to Maria to get his cheese. Woo hoo! :D



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