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Two Border Collies, Two Months, One Motel Room

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I had to restrain myself from smooching the phone company techie guy after he announced that I was back online.


I moved to take a great new job but I couldn't find anywhere to live. I was able to get a long term motel room but it was expensive and not very dogfriendly at all. It's amazing what you can do when you have to tho, and I am so impressed with how well my dogs coped with the upheaval. Both my dogs have disabilities - one is blind and one is deaf - maybe that makes them even more adaptable to new situations because they have sharpened coping skills.


This past weekend we finally moved into our own house, in farm country. Tex struggled a bit with this move, but he hates whenever the furniture gets rearranged. Loki did spend 3 weeks in a boarding situation but I got him out of there when I realized how badly he was losing weight. The kennel situation undid all his progress with his obsessive compulsive behaviours. It took some work but he is back to his old, few fruit loops short of a bowl, self.


It's great to be back online. Manitoulin Island is very beautiful and I have met some folks who don't mind if Loki comes over to stare at their sheep for a while. Life is good again.

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Heeeeellllloooooo! I am so glad to hear from you and your boys! Congrats on your new job, I assume is in the education field, right?

I just searched online for Manitoulin Island and it looks like such a dream place to be. Plus Loki has access to sheep! How's that boy doing? Him and Ouzo are just one month apart and so similar in so many ways, I always loved hearing about your adventures and making me feel better that there's another one like mine out there :rolleyes:

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