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Another potty training question!

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I take her out every couple of hours, reward her for going outside, and put her in her crate when we aren't home so there are no accidents. Is there anything else I should be doing? She hasn't really learned a thing yet :rolleyes: I feel inadequate, like her slowness to potty train is my fault :D

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How old is she? (I can't remember) Maybe she just cannot feel it yet. Ceana was a late bloomer when it came to nerve development. You cannot learn to go outside when you gotta go if you do not know when you have gotta go. :rolleyes: One day I saw it just click in her eyes--oh my gosh i have to pee- I am sure Shadow will catch on soon.

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Aww good girl

She might be a late bloomer but at 5 months she should know when she needs to go - mibby she just hasnt figured out totaly how to ask you yet

Try for a wee while every time she goes towards the door let her out - then hopefully she will figure thats how to ask

Then build it up to she has to sit by the door (or whatever you want) to be let out


Also - how many accidents is she having inside compared to outside - if its just now and then then it might just be accidents

Or is there a pattern to when they happen?? for a while ben weed when I was getting dressed to take him out - so he was into the crate till I was ready - just too exciting and after a nights sleep - too much to hold in


Betcha cos you have posted now she will suddenly be toilet trained

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