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Last week I lost my 14 year old Yellow Lab, Spencer, to old age. Having him all his life, it was a very hard thing to let him go. The Border Collie was with my son and I as we buried Spencer. I didn't think about how it would affect Dakota, the BC. He didn't eat for a week and it took him a few days to go to the barn, as that's where Spencer's buried. Not even his treats got his attention.


By the 3rd day Dakota was no where to be found. I got very upset at the thought of loosing 2 beloved friends in one week. Dakota is 11 and I've had him all his life also.


He and Spencer have always been together. I knew he wouldn’t be at the barn, but that's where I found him, laying beside Spencer's grave. My tears for the loss of Spencer turned to tears for Dakota's loss of his dear friend who knew him in a way I never could. I have always loved my dog's loyalty to me but his loyalty to his friend hit my heart.


He's eating again and takes his treat every morning after working the goats for me and brings the treat to the grave, lies down and eats it. He and Spencer took their treat every morning and would go eat them together. Guess Dakota still has his treat with his friend.


Sorry if this brought tears to anyone's eyes, guess I'm not the only one crying over a Border Collies loyalty.


Suzy Minck

Milk Maid Ranch

Stephenville, TX

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Thank you everyone, for your kind words.


The update on Dakota is that he's doing well and has that spring back in his walk. I also breed Pembroke Welsh Corgi's and one of my females is due in 4 weeks. She's finely showing and I think Dakota knows it. He's protecting her from the other 2 Corgi's. It's funny to watch the 2 of them, he's acting the wimp with her. Babying her to no end. You'd think he's the daddy.


I did use him on my Red BC years back so I'm sure he knows she's "with puppies". He'll be a wonderful grand dog. It's so nice to see him active again.


I thank everyone again for the support.

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