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Ok, I was wondering. IF I get Taz how old should he be before he stays in a boarding kennel? Because we're going to Kansas in about a month and a half. We're taking Sage and Black Jack but I'm sure we wouldnt' be able to take little Taz with us. Would he be ok? I know the people at the boarding place here in town and Black Jack loves them. I know they're good dog people.


I'm going to talk to my parents (again) and see if they'll let me "foster" him until he finds a home. Then if it works out and is good with Black Jack I may just keep him. But if a good home does come up I will adopt him out. That's the plan, now I just have to convince my Mom and Dad :rolleyes:



Here's more pictures of my wittle guy




Don't you just love me?




Wow, this is a BIG world!!




Come on, play with me



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I think it really depends on the boarding place, but I think 4 mo is probably a standard cutoff since that's when they can get the rabies vaccine - I'd check with the place you have in mind directly.

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I would take him but it's going to be tough to take two, little lone three. My Dad really wouldn't want to. He'll be about three to four months old then. He's current on all his shots. He's really lucky because they had a parvo outbreak a few months ago and they said they were sure the puppies would get it since they were so weak when they came. But now two weeks later and they're as healthy as a pup :rolleyes:


Still no word on getting him yet. I'm trying to find the right time to ask. I have it all worked out to get him. Were to sleep, play, stay while I'm at work, etc. I just have to get her to listen past "mom, I need to ask you something about the pup"

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