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Happy Gotcha' Day, Sydney!

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It was two years ago today, that Stu, Sarah, and I took a roadtrip to meet Sydney (who was then known as "Misty").


We met a scared, scarred, dirty, submissive, and unloved young dog who we took into our family and hearts that day.



Here was Sydney that first day:





Although it took a lot of work to help Sydney get through a number of issues, she flourished into a beautiful, sweet, and snuggly dog.



Here was Sydney just a year later:





We love Sydney with all our hearts, and we are so glad that she is part of our lives. We can't imagine what we would do without her!






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I haven't seen you guys around in a long time. Happy Gotcha Day, Sydney!


Like Kessie, she seems to have improved the quality and quantity of her braggy flag (tail fluff) as quickly as possible! :rolleyes:

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She's beautiful! I, too, am amazed at how far she's come in a year - what a difference! Happy Gotcha Day, Sydney. :rolleyes:

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Thanks, everyone! :rolleyes: Sydney sends many licks your way.


Sandra, it is amazing how their tails fluff up once they are not eating garbage! heh.


Yeah, we have been a bit busy lately preparing for the baby (I'm due in 3.5 weeks!). Sydney has been my shadow since we found out I was pregnant. I do still pop in from time to time to read up on everyone though. :D



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