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It was a good Day: Porshe Got Spayed Today!

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Well last week I got my friend's rott, Porshe(the rott)'s shots done, and today we got her spayed.


The vet is also fixing her up, as she had a severe flea infestation, and has a horrible flea dermatitis allery and skin infection from scatching at it.


So she is on pain meds, for any pain from the spay, and antibiotics for the skin allergy. And she is looking alot better and more comfortable right now.


She spent the night last night, and we took her in today to be spayed early this morning.


But man she was crying, and itching and chewing at herself, ALL night!!

I have NEVER seen a dog itch that bad!!! She had a wicked BAD flea infestation.


The moment we got to the vet's, he gave her some Capstar to kill the fleas on her immediately. So she got some relief right away.


So now the capstar meds, will aid the Program flea meds I put her on.


She is now home here, and flea free(as our my dog's who are on preventative also). I vaccuumed all over, and now that she is on both preventative's, the pain meds and the antibitoic, she is much more comfy. Right now she is sacked out cold(She probably lost ALOT of sleep due to all those fleas). :rolleyes:














She will stay here for 2 weeks to heal up her skin, and to recover from the spay. We will keep her in the crate so she can rest.


Next we need to help her owner flea bomb his house, and help rehome all his feral cats and kittens, and then fix the momma cat he is keeping so no more kittens. I think he just got overwhelmed with animals and it got out of control. So we are helping him out.


Also, because all it takes it one flea to bite her and she will have another allergy attack(Poor girl), We hope that his house will be mostly flea free when we take her back.


Any suggestions on how to erradicate a flea infestation from HELL?? I hear bombing a house, won't do it all. And I don't want to send this dog back into flea hell.

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Many years ago, when I had my sheltie, we got a bad case of flea infestation. (For some reason she was like a flea magnet.) The best thing we found was a product the vet uses (or so I was told) and I even got it from them. My sheltie passed away back in 1995 so I don't remember the name of it but it was in a blue spray can. The best advice I can give now is to ask the vet what product they use.


To your knowledge, is Porshe's owner going to start her on Frontline Plus?

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Yes he is going to start her on that next. Just waiting as she is on so much medicine right now. We needed to double up as the vet says it is the best way to go to give the fleas a double whammy right now. Next month she will begin the Frontline Plus.

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Good! I'm glad she's starting to get a better life. I bet she does feel better. That would be hell to have all those flea's on her. I'm all ichy now :rolleyes:


Thank you for helping her out.

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four years ago I got my 2 cats from the local feed mill and I figured out too late that they were infested with fleas. And by that time, they spread it to my 2 dogs and they were throughout my house really really bad. I would give them flea baths, and had them on advantage. They would get re-infested after 3 days, even while on advantage.


One thing that I swear to you worked was sprinkling borax on the carpet, dog beds, really rubbing in into it and leaving it there for 7 days then vacuuming. Borax actually has boric acid as one of the active ingredients. This is supposed to dry out the flea eggs in the carpet. There were definitely flea dead on the dog beds. There were no further infestations after that point. I read about it on the internet, you might want to do some research, but it worked for us, and no fleas since.



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