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We have 2 BC's that we have adopted about 2 months ago.

Both are great in the back yard and come to me as soon as called.


But there are times when they just act def,like they just dont hear me at all.


This has happened also outside the back yard,they start running away and act like they cant hear and just keep going.


We are using the recall methods we have seen in the forums is it just going to take more time?


Also I read about yummy treats or jackpots. Would someone let me know what they use.


Maybe Iam just using the wrong treats.


Thanks for any help

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Use whatever treat your dogs love best. It might take a bit of trial and error. Hotdogs are usually a pretty good favorite. And moist doggie treats tend to be more popular then dry.


Give it more time. It also depends on the age of your dogs. They do act like teenagers (defiant, test limits) in the pre 2yr timeframe. Just when you think they are reliable, they aren't. Keep practicing little training sessions on a long line, one dog at a time, separately.


When off leash, keep treats handy to ALWAYS reward when they come, then go intermittantly. Also make sure you are doing both dog independently (other one is not even outside) to make sure each dog is learning, and not just following the other dog.


Give it more time, and more practice sessions that you set up to be 100% successful all the time.


OH! and don't free feed your dogs if you are. That way there are times in the day you know your dog will respond to any treat you have because they haven't eaten for hours and/or you can do it just before dinner time.


Remember, come is different then c'mere to a dog.

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RaisingRiver has given you excellent advice. If I may add, never give your dogs the opportunity to associate the 'come' command with anything negative. If for any reason you get upset with them, you go to them. Don't call them to you and then reprimand.


Good luck with your bc's!!

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Thank you for the info. We do free feed so we will stop that.They are both 3 years old and were miss treated before we got them and didnt have alot of trust in humans.We have been getting them around our friends alot ( who also have treats) and they are settling down nicely.Its just amazing how fast they learn but how long it takes to get their trust back.


Will try and post pictures soon.


Again thanks for your help

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I'm sorry, Trane. I didn't see your last question.


Each dog is as individual as each person is. Just give your dogs time, affection and a lot of patience. I wouldn't make any quick moves or loud noises. Always speak to them in a kind voice. In time they will start trusting you. Have you thought about taking them to obedience class?

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Traneman, where in southern Utah are you? Anywhere near Moab? If so, perhaps your pups have been taking lessons from mine! All advice above sounds good.


This is my first "bred" dog, got him at 8 weeks; have an older mix whose recall is still somewhat tentative, so decided I was going to "do it right" with the pup. I got the Really Reliable Recall DVD from Clean Run (highly recommended), and did everything. Now, at age 15 months. little boy is feeling his oats, and has ignored me just a bit too often for comfort. "I'm told" by those that know me and the pup that this is a temporary thing. Mostly, he doesn't come when called when another (or other) dogs are in sight. So, whilst yours are older, perhaps they're at the same stage in their training.


I do have another older dog (not the one mentioned above!) who is a Very Very Good Girl. I think my next step is going to be putting her in a Down/Stay, which she does marvelously, then working with the pup.


Also got advice recently about treats: what we think are good, may be great; but DIFFERENT is probably as useful as good. So, while I've been using cooked chicken, I actually bought some (shudder!) hotdogs. I intersperse those with string cheese, and occasional other bits of yummy things. Keep 'em guessing: is this going to be good, or really good, or really really good???


Hang in there! They'll figure it out soon enough.



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