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Dixie is a little under the weather


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Dixie started vomiting some night before last. Then she lost her breakfast yesterday and supper last night. After she vomits she seems to be okay. When she lost this morning's breakfast, I decided that was enough and we headed to the vet. A complete exam with a set of x-rays has the vet believing no obstruction but most likely a bacterial infection from the catfish pond or chewing on horses hoof (the farrier was here a couple of days ago). Normally she would recommend Dixie stay at the vets till Monday, but she said Dixie was not dehydrated and knowing how we watch the girls she was going to send her home with Primor for the infection and Centrine for nausea. This was what I wanted, not taking away from my vet, I know that over the weekend she'll be watched a lot closer here. Also she'll be a happier and not stressed. We'd appreciate any good thoughts sent her way.

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