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I have seen a number of posts addressing dogs going 'toilet' in the house and reccomending an enzymatic cleaner to get rid of the smell so it doesn't go again.


After a day of seemingly getting better, Ash is now squirting and is having extreme difficulty holding himself. I manage to get him outside most of the time, but there are quite obviously accidents.


What cleaner can I use and where do I get it. I did a search for enzymatic cleaner but all I get is US sites? Is there anything anyone can reccomend.


I have him on Burns now, but obviously it takes time and he is having his 'detox' period now. Not to mention his jags the other day bless him.


Other than that he is doing really really great!

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The two women on HOW CLEAN IS YOUR HOUSE? (BBC in America) constantly recommend white vinegar. I use a combination of 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed with dish detergent.

Barb S



I Like that show, i use the white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda tip for my sink drains. :rolleyes:


With reguard to the cleaner luckily Holly didn't have many accidents in the house but we did get a cleaner from our local pets at home for it. It was especially formulated to get rid of the smell. Don't remember what it was called but i am sure you can get something similar in any pet store. For carpets we used febreeze - the antibac one. :D

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Does Ash have diarrhea? You might take him to get him checked out for coccidea. It's a bug that's carried by waterfowl and can be extremely easily picked up by a pupper - and it can be very disruptive to their systems.


Does the poop smell sort of sickly sweet rather than poopy smell (or very little at all, like my raw fed guys)?


For diarrhea on the carpet, if I catch it quick enough, I sprinkle a little cat litter on it - the super absorbing clumping stuff, not plain clay litter. For the stain, I've liked the "oxy" cleaners the best, rather than the enzymatics. Those are better for pee stains. You should be able to get something along those lines in the UK - Aldi has it in their stores here.

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no its definately stinkpy poop!


I tried him with the egg this morning and I cooking up the pumpkin tonight. I had to go our earlier today for about 2-3hrs and there were no accidents!


I am hoping this is a good sign


Thanks for the cleaner advice. Will investigate further :rolleyes:

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Awww poor Ash's tummy, :D


My advice was for weewee's really, not for cleaning up the other. :rolleyes: I think Febreeze would still be a good choice for after you have cleaned it if it is a carpet , especially the anti bac one. :D


Hope he is settled soon, Holly had a funny tummy on some foods so i know it isn't pleasant. Hope it isn't the bug Rebecca has mentioned - that doesn't sound very nice.

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Do you have access in the UK to a product called "Nature's Miracle"? It comes in both liquid and solid form, and has been invaluable to us over the years, for both dog and cat accidents. Another product to consider is SCOE 10X.

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Before Sam died we had a few messes to clear up. I used a steam cleaner right away or the stuff they sell at Pets at Home seemed to work quite well. Its their own brand and it smells a bit like baby powder. I used it on a couple of puddles with dale and it works on sickness as well.


Hope he's feeling better soon.

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