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I was curious if any one out there owned a borderjack.. we have a 5 month old female named daisy I did not know she was a borderjack when we p[urchased her, she is a great smart pup but very mouthy.

Does this ever end???? she graduates her 1st level of training on thursday. The only issue I have is her constant nipping :

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Oh yes, 5 months old...that's just puppy behavior. The best thing you can do when she nips you, is remove yourself from her. She's nipping at you to play or for attention, so you say "no bite!", stand up (or whatever), pull your hands away (if that's what she's nipping) and turn your back to her. Ignore her until she settles, then give her something appropriate to chew on. My lab was a horrible nipper, but she did outgrow it.


Go any pics of your cutie? Are you sure she's a border jack? Like Barb said, did you think she was all BC when you bought her?

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