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Is she a border?

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I'd like to hush up a few people by asking the experts :D


This is our puppy (madison)'s mother. HPIM0346.jpg


My old roomate got her from a resuce agency that didn't know she was pregnant... anyway, they told us she was a border collie (i know she's mostly white, but she was told by vets that it happens but it's rare).


The rescue agency told us that brody had only been running around with pure border collies (but they didn't know she was pregnant), so is madi purebred?




She's a tri-colour with a black back, and tan & white points. She does herd, she's been herding our rabbits all over the place :rolleyes: and also keeps her toys all together, she's doing it more as she gets older.


She's definetly got the energy of a pure border!! but whatever you guys think she might be, we still love her :D .


When she was born she was all black with white points on toes & tails. Then she looked like a rottie with the eyebrows, brown legs and white toes. Right now she's going to shed out a big white patch on the back of her neck & possibly even more tan later so we don't know what colour she will eventually be.




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Originally posted by nes:

Brody was a sweet dog


I'm also looking for more tri-coloured border pictures as we'd really like to know what madi is going to look like as a mature dog (it's a great guessing game!!)



Aahh, here's another chance to show off my doggie :D


Looks like yours will look more like Allie, though, which is not too bad either :rolleyes:


Can you post a photo of her herding the rabbits? It's easier to recognise BCs by their herding style than general appearance.

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My old Rick dog - purebred with papers:










This is how Ann looked days after birth:



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Oh neat pictures guys!


Sorry I don't have any pictures of madi herding the rabbit kits as they've gone to new homes already :D Even then baby rabbits are FAST so it would have been impossible to get a picture of it :D


It's pretty hard to herd rabbits, she's watch them, then try to nose/nip them in the right direction or just cutt them off until they ran back in their pen, it was sooo cute!! We've got one left but since he's a house-rabbit it would be a little hard to see her herd him behind the couch :D .


It's so neat the difference I can see between her herding the animals and chasing them, she's not after them she just knows the rabbits should be in their pen and is determined to get them back there!


I should mention Brody was less then a year old :rolleyes: when she had her puppies so madi's hair might end up looking semi-rough or smooth, we're not sure.


I should just find someone that will let us borrow their sheep! :D We're gpoing to buy madi some ducks/geese/sheep when we get a farm, but that's not going to be for a while so for now she's just going to have to put up with the cats.



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