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  1. I've gotten a few labs, but everyone thinks madi is a purebred rotti which is the most rediculous thing I've ever heard because she's skinny, slinky and has HUGE ears. As if every dog with tan earbrows and light toes is a rotti We've gotten maybe two that thought she was a doberman, but the vet just told us she's half so I guess that was a better guess then we thought Most people just have NO idea what she is and assume heinz 57 Nes.
  2. A few weeks ago I was asking people to identify the crossbreed in our BC girl Well after her spay the vet came back with a very interesting answer... Madison is half doberman! It's quite a suprise but as she grows it's become quite obvious. She does have the doberman eyes, long legs and gaurding instict; but she also has the speed and tenasiousness, and herding of a BC. As my SO put it, we were really lucky and got the best of both breeds and none of the bad . Has anyone ever raised a Dobe X BC? I'll try to get some new pictures of madison - the poor girl is having a tough time with her spay, so much pent up energy! but the stiches come out tomorrow Nes.
  3. You could also try clicker training your puppies and click to reward them when they go outside. Or at least offer them huge praises when she goes outside Straight from the vet's mouth and we did find it helped madison a little at least feel good about peeing outside Nes.
  4. Madison had a bladder problem as a young pup so the vet actually suggested she cut her back to only a cup of water a day (which is what she should have drank at that size, as opposed to the 2 litres she was). I would recommend you talk to your vet about the dogs, especially if they are always thirsty and need to pee constantly. They could have a bladder infection like madison did nes.
  5. he he - you can see madison in my pic here < she's a tri-coloured border. Her back is all black, she's got a nice white belly with tan around the edges, a tan eyebrows and muzzle, her paws are white tiped with a line of black and then pretty tan stockings. She's just about to turn 7 months and she is shedding out a COMPLETLY different coloured coat. On the back of her neck, top of her head, above her eyes, tops of shoulders and hips the hair colour has changed from black to tan. Her tan is also growing on her belly, and all over her tail. When she was first born she was all black with little white paws and a little white tipped tail she's changed so much I think we're going to start a betting pool for her final colouration. Honestly I wouldn't be suprised if she ended up all white w black spots like her mom Nes.
  6. I think you'd have better luck training the horses to be herded by the dog Of course horses can learn to be calm around horses but border collies instinctually nip at their heels which can cause your horses to become flighty and terrifed of dogs (I know from first-hand experience, my mare HATES dogs, gets nervous even hearing them bark because of her last owner's dogs chasing her around the field - she put alot of effort into an attempting to kill a dog that was allowed loose around our last barn) I'm wondering if anyone has taught a corgi to herd horses though? They are bred to herd cattle and would be MUCH better suited to the task. If you look into some natural horsemanship techniques you could herd the horses yourself just by your presence in the field Nes.
  7. ha ha, Brad & I have daily converstations as to whether our baby has pooed today or not - usually in front of company It's important for us to keep track of though because Madi doesn't poo regularily and I need to know if she needs to go out an extra time & what to be looking for Plus he's on morning shift and I'm on night shift. Spoiled mutt!!! Nes.
  8. That's very sad My family has two goldens and they get bad matts behind their ears, on their bellies and on their tailes. In that case it's not that we aren't grooming them it's just when they are in the water all summer at the cottage they turn into a MESS. Even then the matts are snipped off asa they dry (they loose alot of hair in the summer) Once the matts reach the skin they are SUPER painful. Ever had you're hair pulled back REALLY tight in a pony tail for too long? That's exactley what it feels like Nes.
  9. Erg, she's turning into a FLY nut!! Which is great because it's the so's family dog that taughter her that - and she is NUTS about flies (you tell her to 'get the fly' and she will bark as loud as possible until you make her stop! ). Madison also recently learned how tasty ants are! SUPRISE! So she's permentently on full-hunt mode for ants, which is super cute because she's nose down the pavement trying to track them Nes.
  10. REPETITION. My so's family dog was taught to "go get mommy" "go get daddy" "go get bradley" (which involved tackling and licking to death - which I learned first hand ) but she's also been taught "go get your FRISBEE" or "go get your KONG" or "go get your BALL" - very cool! I think she might be a border mutt but he says she's german something. So we're teaching madison the same thing, just by trail and error. She's already learned "GO GET" because it's very exciting, and she's rewarded with alot of play when she brings us the correct object. We've started off simple with a ball & a rope - so they are easy to tell apart . She's not too good at it yet but one thing she's VERY good at is "Go get daddy" (dog picking favorits... grr...) and she just learned that by repeated the command then having my SO call her and give her LOTS of attention when she reaches him . Clicker training rocks too I stoped with madison because I kept looseing her clicker, but I've done it with my horses and it's very effective! GL, Nes.
  11. Dog are like children, you really can't compair them to the norm - they will do learn at their own rate Madison is now 7 months and we consider her completly house-broken, except she still has a few accident (for some reason she always decideds she has to pee when I'm in the middle of my shower >:x). I think the best thing we've done is to put Madison on a schedual. So (and this is while my SO is at work so it's just me & very structured) she goes out at 3pm, 7pm, 10pm and for a last pee at 12pm before going to bed. This schedual has really helped her to learn to hold it in On really hot days she gets shortened to every hour because she's drinking so much You might be suprised, your dog might actually be telling you she needs to go out and you just havn't been able to pick it up. When madison has to go out she will just follow me quietly around until I figure it out - which is pretty easy to interperet as affection when I'm super busy. In her mind she's shouting "I HAVE TO PEEEEE!!!!" where I just see her lieing down by my feet . Watch for your border staring at you, or sitting by the door, or just following your around the house, each dog has their own signal. Madison gets to eat as much as she wants We do give her two meals a day of about 2 cups, depending on how hungry she seems, and she's allowed to pick at it whenever she wants. Her mother was 50lbs. but very underweight and a VERY large border (should have been 60, maybe low 70 lbs.). I'm not sure how big Madi is but if I had to guess she's probably 30 lbs., maybe more and at a perfect body mass (although I'd like a little more meat on her bones she just keeps working it off!) Also make sure you're cleaning up with a non-ammonia based solvent and cleaning not just the area but all around it after her accidents. The smallest amount of urine is still a signal to them that this is a spot to pee . You might also want to try a commercial pet de-orderizer, that's really worked for us Lastly, we've taught madison to "go pee" on command (we're still working on "go poo" but she's slowly catching on), and that has helped IMMENSLY! Instead of waiting outside with her for 10 minutes she can do her business and go back in. It's really come in handy, she's also learned "hurry up we're going INSIDE" or "hurry up we're going in the CAR", which will cause her to think about whether or not she has to pee before we bring her in and that's really stopped alot of accidents. Madison's so smart! Really it's just about talking to her, I do it ALL the time. With "it's DINNER time" or "going to see the KITTIES" she slowly picks up a few words of english and it makes my training alot easier. Even if I look like a total nut standing on the lawn at noon or in the midle of the night telling my dog to "go poo sweetie" GL, Nes.
  12. We have the same war, except my cats LOVE it! Which is actually worse... I've got 3 little balls of fur tearing around my house!! One thing that might help is redirecting her to herd something more appropriate. Can your situation afford a small gaggle or flock? or is there a program locally that will alow you to borrow some sheep for him? That will probably help your pup get it out of her system a bit before she starts herding you too! But BCs are BCs. One thing that I've found work is teaching your dog to "be gentle" (although this needs to start from a young age) buy getting them to ease up on whatever they are doing, and then just tell them to "be gentle" until it gets their attention away from the cats and she realises they aren't that much fun Nes.
  13. It's funny, Madison has the opposite problem with stray cats! It might have alot more to do with the fact she's lived with two kittens since she was very young (she wuvs the kitties!), but walking around with her at night she will approach stray cats & they won't run away! It always worries me because I don't know if these cats have rabies or anything but they don't seem to mind the fact she's a dog until she tries to play with them (and then they usually take off). I guess they just see her as a big cat... Madi doesn't have problems with other dogs yet, but she's still young and her herding instincts are really starting to come out. I've noticed madison & her buddy are starting to play a little less as she ages - I think her friend just doesn't like it too much when madison decideds to try and herd her : Nes.
  14. That is exactley the was I feel about our little family, that was a very nice way to put it Madison is also being taught to "go find mommy" and "go find daddy". It's funny that I think the moment my SO decided I was really the one for him was when we were babysitting his family dog and she chose me as a suroget mommy to "go get" Unfortunatly that involved tackling me and licking my face all over... but she's still a sweet dog . He's trying to teach madison to do the same thing Madison is so smart though she does know "go pee" or "go poop" - I think the neighbours are starting to think I'm strange... standing out on the lawn at 11pm telling me dog to "go pee sweetie" or "hurry up or we're going inside" (which she's learned as well! so smart!) All of the with-children couples we know get an earful on the puppies progess - I try to not to parallel it with their kids, but it's hard to resist... 'oh little susie isn't potty trained yet? well madison has been house-broken for 2 months now...' Nes.
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