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  1. Sorry about the delay--again, no internet access. Geaugeau does chase her tail and sometimes catches it, but I've never seen her bite any off. She is shedding big time right now--I've been in Arizona all winter, so she is shedding early with the heat. But it's the "chopped off" look that puzzles me. Someone just told me that as she matures(she's 15 months) she will lose the flag altogether--true?? I know some of your (the board) pictures show flags on your mature dogs. Is a puzzlement.
  2. Geaugeau's tail seems to be a good average length, but the strangest thing has happened. She has had the beautiful white "flag" at the end of her tail, but several days ago I noticed that the white flag has nearly disappeared. By that, I mean that the "flag" looks as if it has been chopped off with a pair of scissors. She is around no one except me, and I surely have not cut it off. Nor has she gotten it caught in something. It is chopped off until only about one inch of white shows, and the tip of the tail is showing. Anybody have any ideas about what could have happened? I have not se
  3. Sorry to be so long getting back to the board. I'm traveling and some RV parks don't have wi-fi. Anyhoo--thanks for your replies. I like the idea of turning my back and not responding to her jumping, but rewarding the four feet on the floor. I've tried the knee in the chest, but she has learned to jump just for enough away that my knee won't reach her. I'll try the lemon juice, also, but this is a dog who likes YUCK! As you mentioned, getting OTHER people to cooperate is a real problem. <p>Thanks.
  4. My BC pup is now 15 months old. She knows and follows all my commands EXCEPT. . . . She seems to lose every ounce of sense and, ummm, decorum when anyone, and I do mean ANYONE besides me is around. The words "down" and "don't jump" mean nothing to her. I have used every trick in the book to teach her not to jump on people. I have to keep her on a very short leash when we are going to be around other people. She also has periods when she cannot seem to restrain herself from jumping on me. I have to keep her in nearly a choke hold when people come around to keep her from jumping on and ki
  5. http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j22/mela...at/HPIM0511.jpg
  6. Love the post about reading to your BC. I always read to the kids and grands; why not to Geaugeau?
  7. Joe Ann, thanks for your kind words. Traveler did not die; he went to a new home with a family that is more able to give him the exercise and activity that he needs. Over that past several months I have become unable to care for two very active pups as they need to be cared for. It breaks my heart to have to give him up, but the family who took him has 42 fenced acres and the youth and energy to care for him properly. I was really worried about Geaugeau earlier today as she was so lethargic, had not eaten for two days, and would not play fetch. I scrambled some eggs and made bacon for
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. She is doing OK except for running to the door to be let out where she just stands and looks, then comes back into the house; she also is really clingy to me, even took a nap on my bed this afternoon. I was just wondering if I should be doing anything different from what I am now doing.
  9. Good morning, after a long hiatus. How have you helped your dogs to work through the grief of losing a life-long doggy buddy?
  10. Thanks, again. I think we are making remarkable progress, but I'm sure we will have to continue working daily. I will not have barking dogs or rude dogs. They are still young and full of themselves and do love people, whether people want to be loved or not. That's a whole other issue that we are working on.
  11. Sorry some of you are so easily driven "bonkers." There really are some much more important issues to get your britches in a twist about. That said, thank you for your answers and concern. They do stay in their crates when in transit, and they are well-leashed before I even consider getting out of the RV with them. The problem comes when they get in front of the door, and in that tight space it is physically impossible for me to get ahead of them. We have worked tirelessly today on my being first in line, and I think they've finally gotten the idea. I suppose it is just one of tho
  12. Michele, you came to the right place. Six months ago, I got two, count them--2--, BC puppies, 8 wks old. I'd never even had 1 of my own, much less 2, so I was (still am)in for some rude awakenings. They are now a little over 9 months old, and, next to the grandchildren, they are the light of my life. Some days, I could kill them both, but then one or the other looks at me with "those" eyes, and I melt. The female is a "lap dog", all 44 pounds of her; the male is a "table dog;" that means that the coffee table is his favorite bed and lounge. Needless to say, they are double the
  13. My solution to this problem was to crush moth balls in the blender and put it on the soil, then top it with rocks and gravel. In all of my years of having cats, only one used the plants for litter, but the moth balls(you have to spread their legs to be sure)did the trick.
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