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No that's not to early. I think most people have them neutered before their six month Bday.

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Growth plates close at puberty, which averages 8 to 10 months in dogs. As a for-instance, I did preliminary OFA-type Xrays on Finn's hips when he was eleven months old, and can radiographically document that his growth plates were closed at that age. He didn't reach his adult size and weight til about 2 years, but that was NOT due to ongoing skeletal growth. He just had that whippy "teenager" look until his musculature matured, which occurred gradually between about 1 and 2 years.


At eleven months, it's likely that the growth plates are indeed closed, but if you're really nervous about it you could have an Xray done to confirm or deny. There is the occasional dog that follows its own rules on this and does NOT do what the "average" dog does. I have such a dog. It's quite confounding at times. :rolleyes:


(As a P.S., on my "mature to the beat of your own drummer" dog, I've made individual decisions about management based on THAT DOG'S maturation, not based on what I would do in an "average" dog of mine.)

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