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  1. I was just wondering what age to start feeding senior dog food. Or signs to look for. My BC is 8 years old. Been feeding blue buffalo grain free chicken and putting water in it. Has been fine eating it for months almost a year. But here the last weeks when he eats the food it causes diarrhea. When feed dry with no water his poop is normal. Wasn't sure if sings of age or sensitive stomach. Any advice would be greatful thanks
  2. im going to start Orijen, my question now is whats a good place to order it form? looking on amazon right now, is there any othewr site that you order from that is a great place?
  3. Thanks, helped out a lot too. veryexcited to be able to afford amazing dog food, been a had one with zippers condition but now that we have it all stopped with and with the new job, can get my 2 BC great food
  4. ill have to try TOTW and BB. very interested in Earthborn, ill have to buy a small bag of it online to see how my dogs are on it and go from there, I currently get country achers and really need to upgrade to something better.
  5. got a new job and can buy the better stuff now, was going to start buying TOTW, is there a better food I should try or is that one pretty good? also looking for a good soft food to feed to.
  6. im looking into buying dog food online also, really not that best of food around here, Taste Of The Wild is a 4 hr drive and if i can find that online for a good price im gonna start getting it. or if i can find a food that is as good or better around this area that would help alot. was gonna start ordering a 30lb bag of Taste Of The Wild from 1800petmeds beacsaue i already have shippments from there 2 ish times a month and was just thinking about adding that for $56.99 but they do also price match places online so if i can find a ncie good prices one alone then ill just price match it and still order if from petmeds, free shipping also
  7. hey man, long time, remember me lol

  8. hey man, long time, remember me lol

  9. So i was wondering what your dogs area looks like, like if u have a room just for them or a cage outside that u let them run around in. I just finished putting up fence around there area outside where they can do what ever they want and made me wonder about everyone else, ill get pictures soon of theirs, right now i have their pool over there, dog house, toys. still have alot of work to do over there tell its all finished. they pretty much get one side of the back yard to their own. i dont know if anyone else does this with their dog thats why i made this topic so post pictures of their room or what ever is their area
  10. i dont have any for zipper, if i was to sign up for some now would they cover what happened a a few weeks ago or only from when i get it tell the end? anyone know?
  11. just got back from the vet, he was shocked how great zipper was going, he said in a month we will test his levels again and see if they are where they should. Zipper is pretty much himself again, still has a little balance prob but each day its better and better, running alot more and playing alot more. he is starting to remember all his tricks again and getting those down and being zipper, its great. now i need to get the stinker a job to help pay his bill off, the vets jaw dropped when he saw zipper and mine dropped when i saw the bill lol
  12. sorry that i havnt been on in a day or so, been with zipper. so he is doing alot better, he can walk but is wably(sp) but each day its better. he can run for a few seconds then has to stop. he pooped outside Today, hasnt happened since the day b4 the vet. He is on phenobarb and potassium bromide, the Phenobar is the highest does and he takes both 2 times a day. I have valium but it does not work on him, they give me a couple but they have never worked on him. Ill have to call around and see if there is anyone around that can give me a second opinion. theres only 1 more vet in town ill have to call and see what they say, I take Zipper to the best vet in town, but ill have to see if any place around my town has a good vet also, They told me his next one could kill him and if he has anymore then it would be best for him to put him down, I just dont know what to do right now, i dont want him to suffer if he has another one, i want to remember his last day as fun and all not with a seizure. I could use alot of help with what would be best and what would be best for zipper. He helped me mow today and have 4 green paws ill be taking pictures these next couple days and ill have to show you how he is doing
  13. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great news, Zipper is HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but here is all the bad news.......... After they got his blood work back they noticed something about his seizures, They said Zipper has a rare epilepsy, they said his cant be treated much more, they up his pills to a stronger dose. they believe he has strong brain damage, and you can tell by the way he acts if nothing works out, he doesnt snap outta it or get any better they said it would be best to put him down so he wont suffer. if he has another seizure then they said thats the day we will have to put him down, I hope thigns all work out and he can be with me for alot more years. im just glad he is home and if th ese are his final days they are with me.
  14. called the vet today and she said i can VISIT Zipper today and once im there she wants to talk to me......im scared i hope its not bad news. once im there she also said we will go over all his tests that they have done on him. ill let you all know whats going on when i find out.
  15. just got off the phone with th e vet, they are going to keep him 1 more night to make sure everything will work like it should, so if everything goes good he will be coming hom tomorrow (thursday) another lonely night
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