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What do you get when you breed a male who loves to rest his head on your lap, nuzzle your arm and moan until you pet him with a female who knows she is the most beautiful creature on the face of the earth and thinks everyone should worship her?


Puppies who think they are the cutest creatures on the face of the earth and assume everyone loves them and wants to cuddle. Sigh. I accidentally created monsters! They are too affectionate for their own good and they know they can melt my heart with the right look.


Next time I will have to make sure one parent is very standoffish and hates people :rolleyes:

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Yes, Frankie, Sage and company :rolleyes: They are the most horrible little monsters on the face of the earth. They just assume that everyone loves them! If people come over they park their furry little butts in my guests laps. I'll get new pics of them sometime soon and I will try to get the new owners to send me some I can share. I am right in the middle of finals now, just had cardiology a few days ago, pathology next Tuesday then surgery on Thursday. I am so excited to be done!

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