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O/T But it's about ticks!

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My grandson has 4 tick bites, two on his stomach, two on his back. The thing is, they have been there almost a year! He was at his mother's for 7mos. so I didn't know he still had them till tonight! two of them look like sores cuz he says they itch and he picks at them. The other two look like sores that are about healed up. Is this normal? I have taken ticks off me and the dogs and kids and have never seen this! He had two others but he said they went away. I am thinking I need to get him to the doc asap. Can anyone give me an idea on this? TIA

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:rolleyes: I'd be pretty worried about that. if the head was left in - that could cause infection - might be the source of slow healing sores, but Lyme disease can show in a red circle around the wound. I think you can search webmd and see some lesions.


I would say take that kid in.


Hoping its nothing


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I hope everything is ok. Tell me what the Doc says.

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