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Is there any chance that the functionality of spreadsheets, links or even lists can be incorporated into this board? I could create this myself on another site such as yahoo groups... but it would not be connected to this board.


The purpose could be to have lists, but better spreadsheets, for behaviorists, vets, breeders, trainers, schools, etc, with hopefully sortable columns for state and locale with contact information and commentary.


Ideally we'd all be able to maintain it without administrative access.


If not, then perhaps linking a yahoo group account to the boards where we could make such databases and only usingn messages there for event notices.? Just a suggestion.

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I would say that should be a function, not of the board, but the USBCC website perhaps? It would be very easy to incorporate that sort of thing into a website proper. Much harder to customize an application liek the one that runs this Board.


But the access is problematic. There IS a need in the future to do something like this in relation to breeder recommendations, so perhaps the minds-that-be might want to start applying their brainpower to the nuts and bolts of it?

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LOL I've just spent three days with Air Force tech data people who keep calling their tables databases and I wanted to strangle them.


I'm a software Program Manager and in our world databases are usually relational matrices these days. I'm just looking for tables that can be sorted by feild properties and standard spreadsheets will do that for you. I wasn't even allowing myself to dream about a database.

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Heheh true. I'm a web developer.... and I don't think there is any online spreadsheet type thing. It would be a relational database with only one table, that can be sorted, etc. At least that's how I'd do it. But then I work with online databases every day and to *me* they're simple. :rolleyes:

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