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OT- Computer help with getting to this board

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I'm posting for Kristin and Hoku, who just happen to live here in sunny N. CA, relatively close to me. Kristin can't find the BC boards, her computer just comes up with that annoying message about This page is not available at this time.


I emailed her the web addy, copied straight from my computer, and it still won't get her here. She's talked to a couple friends who are computer savvy, but nothing has worked. Any ideas? I've offered to send along via email any info that might help.


And, she really misses the Boards!


Ruth n the BC3

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I was thinking that it could be the browser they are using. I used to use Firefox and certain sites would not load at all but with Internet Explorer most pages work.


I really do not like IE but the DW was threatening bodily harm if things didn't start working better :rolleyes:

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