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Aloha all -


Got a few PM's and emails from some folks wondering if we weathered the EQ all right.


It was quite an interesting way to start our Sunday morning, that's for sure. We had Marzipan up in bed with us (it's our dog walk day off and thus, the pups get to cuddle in bed for a few hours and "help" us take off the sheets to do laundry) being a goof-ball when the room started to shake and we heard this rumble.


We've both been in pretty big quakes (moved to LA right after Northridge so we got to ride all the after shocks for free!) and this one started like any other. Then it got louder and worse and we both jumped up and stood in the doorway. DH grabbed Marzipan on his way and then get MUCH worse and we bolted for the back yard. We stood in the yard and watched the house sway and our fence wiggle and listened to things fall off shelves and break. DH still held Marzpian in his arms with her paw dangling. She just had this look on her little face that said "Will you PLEASE put me down?" It was cute.


Buddy and Marzipan were not bothered by the EQ at all. Even the 6.0 after-shock didn't bug them. We've felt little ones here before and they send Marzipan into the bath tub for safety. But with these, she just looked at us funny.


No damage to the house. Some things fell down, but that's all. We are on Oahu and our only emergency is that the shaking shut down all power to the entire island for 18+ hours. Why? Who the heck knows, but I hope some heads roll because of it.


Our IL's Border Collie Annie was fine too. Their was an obedience trail going on that morning and a Border Collie Club meeting at noon which I did not attend. And according to what I've heard, the President of the club grabbed her kids and 2 dogs and drove up the mountain as fast as she could in case of a tidal wave!


So we are well, no one was killed and we have minor injuries. We got very lucky here in Hawaii.



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