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Doggie Day Care v. Traditional Boarding

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I am sitting here chewing my nails (and I certainly have more productive things I should be doing) because I dropped Allie off for her "free trial day" at a new doggie day care. Actually it is more like a half-day because I am only leaving her for about 4 hrs.


We don't board her out very often (only 1 night since we've had her), but need to do so tomorrow night, so I am checking this place out. The facility is quite nice - 16,000 sq. feet, very clean, indoor/outdoor space with "wading pools", climb on toys, etc. This place also separates the large dogs from the smaller dogs into two different play areas. Each boarded guest has their own 4 ft. x 8 ft. kennel area to sleep in at night once the day of play is concluded.


The reason I'm stressed -- as I left Allie was looking at me like "Nooooo! Don't go!! Don't leave me here!!!!. :rolleyes: She loves other dogs and has been to various dog parks many times. I like the idea that she can run and play with other dogs, if she wants to, or can sit and relax outside under the big canopies they have up.


My spouse thinks we should just take her to our traditional boarding place (a very nice animal hospital/boarding facility) where she can be unstressed in a kennel for the night.


Am I causing major trauma to her life or will she be glad she's not kennelled for the whole 24 hrs.???

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I board Dublin at the same place I daycare him. I used to daycare him 2-3 days a week last year. Money is a bit tighter this year, thanks to the ridiculously high heating bills this winter so I only daycare him once in a while now. I still have to board him there maybe 1-2 times a month because I travel for work. And to make it even more convenient, it is the place I train with him as well.


Dublin has a blast! They have inside and outside facilities. They have lots of toys and agility tunnels set up (Dublin *loves* to run through them) and comfy crates set up for "down time" with classical music playing. The woman who runs it has aussies and used to have BCs so she is very BC-savvy. Her assistant has 4 BCs of her own and competes in agility and helps out with bc rescue. The have helped me out A LOT, esp during my first year with Dublin when everything was new to me.


I say give it a shot - most places are great, though there are always some bad apples, so go with your gut. I use Dublin's reaction as my guide. He eagerly runs into the place and happily greets everyone - dogs and people alike. :rolleyes:


When I first got Dublin (I only had him for 2 months at this point) I had to board him for 2 weeks while I attended a wedding in Hawaii. I was nervous about leaving him for so long but he happily ran off to play with his frends. Every one of my dog-owning friends told me that he would "pout" when I came to pick him up and to expect him to ignore me for a few days after I got home. Instead, I walked into the facility and saw him romping with another pup his age. He got all excited to see me but I swear he had a "Awww, Mom, do we have to leave?" expression on his face as we were walking out the door! :D

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That sounds great! I think it's like with a kid - they'll whine and cry when you leave, then two seconds later be playing and having fun and not want to go home. :rolleyes: I wish we had a place around here like that, but I haven't found anything like it... "doggy day care" consists of a large yard where they let dogs loose. Which is great for Zeeke, he loved it - Zoe I don't think would have very much fun.

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Allie survived the "Doggie Day Care" just fine.


I was bravely chaperoning a group of 13 and 14 yr. old Jr. High School orchestra students at a local amusement park, so my spouse took Allie to the daycare and then brought our VW Camper to the the campground adjoining the amusement park, where we were spending the night (w/o the students except our own).


I admit, I would rather play chaperone than have to drop my Allie at the daycare -- I would probably not be able to do it. Especially when my hubby said that once Allie realized she wasn't getting to go camping with us, starting jumping up and pressing on his legs so he couldn't leave the Doggie Day Care facility. (It cracked up the folks working at the day care, but my husband felt terrible.)


She did do fine, however, and was very happy to be picked up again today.

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