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There are days.....

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I stopped asking my husband if he was 'sure' that he was content with sharing life with a Border Collie once the lived reality of that fact had settled in. In fact, it is me that sits silently on the deck listening to the bats whistle across the night wondering..."if something happens to me or Dave, will I be able to take care of Meg". Its silly and short lived but there are days....


Dave has finally been reduced to laying flat on his back from a disk injury that refuses to quiet. This has been the worst week, and I had to travel. My DH laid in the grass and tossed the ball with a flinger for two days, but Meg wreaked havoc on the house anyway. Up on the dinning room table, crash bang. Tear up mommies travel pillow, fine balls of styrofoam ALL over the house, chew up a rag, chew up a stick, paw prints everywhere.


I got home Wednesday night, and stayed to work from home Thursday to start putting order back into the universe. Meg's been barking a lot since she reached six months old, to the point of making me a bit cranky from time to time. What does she think, there are BEARs in the woods.???


Well, Thursday afternoon I was flinging the ball with her, and playing hose and kiddie pool with her and I heard and saw bushes moving, wood cracking and something mighty big coming down the slope to the driveway from the orchard above. FLOP! The GREAT BIG FAT black bear that had scared me to death last fall spilled out onto the driveway and Meg moved forward to bark at him. (We saw him before we had Meg and I've been dreading this encounter ever since we've had her). I was too far from her to scoop her up so I ran back to the house door and called her name hoping to distract the bear and get her to follow me. After barking and heading TOWARD the bear for a few more seconds she responded to what was an unmistakable ALARM in my voice. So did my husband. The adrenalin released by hearing me call Meg so stridently lifted him out of bed, up two flights of stairs, and out into the driveway before I could even call him back. He reported from his vantage that a huge bear was simply lumbering up the 1/4 mile driveway heading up to the neighbors house. He got in his car and drove up there to warn them and then we called the Fish and Wildlife Service. They said not to worry, the bears are foraging for unusual food sources till the berries are ripe. They could care less if a dog barked at them , and aren't particularly interested in humans. Not sure if I believe that.


After the adrenalin wore off Dave was back in bed and wishing he hadn't been so quick to move. Meg was bouncing around thinking everything but the vacuum cleaner was a hoot and I was a nervous wreck. Sox was feeling left out so she ushered in a shrew, alive, and she and Meg went bananas chasing it back and forth between each other knocking everythin over in the process. Later, last night one of the local maurauding coyotes came to within 10 feet of the bedroom doors. What was I supposed to say when Meg starting barking? "Just what do you think is out there, little girl?. I dove under my pillows and waited until she settled down between my feet in a sweet innocent little ball.


There are simply days when I wonder if they gave the right person this job. :rolleyes:

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