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Ode to the Helper Doggie

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It was a dark and windy night. In the distance a cat meowed and repeatedly dug in his litterbox. The hero of our story had her paws in the air and was snoring away on Mom and Dads bed. When suddenly, she heard something in the distance. One eye lazily opened and she heard the call of her mommy she sprug up. Running like there is no tomorrow she runs from room to room to find her mommy. When she finds her she does a merry little jig that looks like she's got ants crawling on her butt. All of a sudden she stops and looks at her mom. Lifting her ears up she trys to understand the words coming out of her mouth. She is momentarily distracted by a half eatten pork rib she spies on a plate by mom. Quickly she calculates the odds of trying to grab it and run away....


"lets see the air density is.....weight of the rib divided by the velocity of mom...carry the dad in the other room blocking possible escape route...factoring in the annoying cat getting in my way and i'd have to stop and play with him...mmmmmm....ribs...I wonder where my ball is...did you hear that? Is it potty time???...OH look a pork rib..I wonder if I could get that??...Is someone saying my name?...Mom!! Wonder what she wants....


The fearless dog gazes at mommy waiting to see what instructions she is to be given. She clearly hears daddy cursing and throwing boxes in the background. She hears him say something about not wanting to go all the way across the house to mommy. Suddenly she notices the item in mommys hands and the words "take it to daddy". In a blinding fury of doggie kisses, tail wags, butt wiggles and mouser nips, our hero springs into action, takes the item and makes a mad dash to the back room. As she makes the long journey down the hall she knows the perils and dangers at every twist and turn...


Oh no! unknown boxes stacked on top of each other = scary!!... mmmm drink of water that sounds good...oooo the mouser, I must play for a second..wait whats this... daddy is calling me..whats in my mouth???...


Our brave puppy dashes through the hall hearing daddys voice coming closer. She looks in one room and another and can not see him, is it a figment of her imagination?? Is she dreaming all of it??, she turns a corner and there he is!...


whats he telling me to drop? Blah! whats in my mouth.. gross.. Im gonna spit it out... wait whats this?? Im a good girl? Of course I am Im just beautiful... wait mommy is calling me again... (repeat this several hundred times)....


Later that night a tired and weary puppy lays down next to mom and dad, satisfied she's done well and that mommy and daddy are happy with her. As she slowly slips into sleepytown, she sees a shadow dart in front of her and begins to dream of playing with her best friend Mouser.



If you dont understand this story, basically we're moving and packing on Saturday. Riven was a HUGE help by repeatedly running things between us. I mean, literally, running. She was so excited to have a job and to know that she was doing good. She never got tired, and repeatedly tried to take things out of my hand to bring daddy, whether or not I wanted her to lol. Once in a while her ball or the cat would distract her. But after a quick play intermission she was back to work. We are SO proud of her. She's as good as hired help, no backtalking and a piece of pork rib goes a long way lol. :rolleyes:

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Good story! Sounds like she's a great helper. Moving is so much fun, right?

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Oh my gosh Natalie!! That picture is adorable. I love that cat, I would squeeze on that cute kitty. I can NOT resist cats. All Rohan did was get in the way getting in boxes, I cant count how many plastic bags he put holes in chewing on. He'd hide in rooms and tip empty boxes over... :rolleyes: I went into one room today and caught him climbing on boxes. I let him, but only because its his birthday lol. I watched him and he eventually knocked over a ton of empty boxes 3 or 4 times, got mad and ran out, down the hall, b@#ching the whole time. lol

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