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My puppy thinks she is a kitten!

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Any suggestions on how to teach a BC not to use her feline brother's litter pans?


I don't want BC-sized potty in my litter pan!


She seems to think that if the cats can do it in a plastic box--so can she...................

She has also figured out how to open a sliding door, how to move a baby gate, how to sit, how to come, not to eat mommy's notebooks, etc...but not to potty outside on a regular basis. (I have figured out, tho, that my little darling hates that white wet stuff, and doesn't want to go out if its snowy/icy/cold--not that I blame her).


Anybody else have potty training issues? I am very consistent with her and am able to spend many many hours with her each day...just don't understand.....my other bcs were potty trained in a matter of days.....

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How old is your BC?


You might want to teach her that the litter box is off limits. A good 'Leave It' should start the process.


Also make sure you are doing fun things in the wet/cold so it's not just for potty time. It will help her keep her mind on the 'game' and not her toes. Also make sure YOU don't mind the wet/cold so she doesn't pick up on that. Bundle up and go have fun in it. It's going to happen every year, so she might as well deal with it.

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When I got mine he didn't like the snow/water much at all. So I started running through it playing and just having fun in it and stuff. Now he loves it, he won't leave it alone. lol. It always helps to have fun first, then they find out "hey, this is kind of fun". Good luck.

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