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  1. I've not specifically worked on any 'language' with Liberty (3.5 years, adopted as a pup). She just sort of...well, knows what I mean. And we usually use complex, conversational language with her. And we do the same with Freedom (BC/JRT, rescued at 10 months last Sept.). Most recently, my DH and I were leaving and I looked at the girls and said in a normal tone, "Excuse me? Where are the two of you supposed to be right now?" (I hadn't given any commands or anything like that. And my husband was still in the bathroom so we had at least 15 mins before we had to leave so there were no 'condit
  2. A daily update: She's peed three times since going to the vet, and pooped once (and it wasn't runny!). She absolutely loves the bland diet and the pedialyte, so we've gotten quite a lot in her. She's also becoming a lot more playful, can easily be defined as a bit of a holy terror! And is probably just as smart as Liberty! As soon as she starts feeling a whole lot better we are definitely going to start on manners!
  3. My dogs are always in our own yard, we live in the middle of our 'city' so they are leashed or tied out when outside. I am keeping us 'quaranteened' probably until after she gets the booster in three weeks. Liberty is used to going on a lot of 'bye-byes' so that will be the biggest adjustment all around! Plus, I've alreayd called my friends/family with pets who like to 'visit', so I think we're good on that front. Now, as long as strays don't wander in our direction, I think we should be alright:)
  4. Took Freedom to the vet to see if she had a urinary tract infection, and that was why she wasn't peeing. Instead learned she was dehydrated and had a case of Parvo started. The vet also told me that he'd had several puppies from two counties come in from the humane societies with Parvo. Freedom was in the Humane Society for one week before I took her home. He said it was early, and since she is an adult he said chances were much better than if she was a pup. He gave her a vacination and told me to give her pedialyte, pepto, and put her on a bland diet. I have to take her back
  5. We are pretty certain that Freedom is a Border Collie crossed with some sort of terrier... There has also been some debate whether she is a Libby 'Mini-Me' since their markings appear a bit similar (which is what first caught my eye at the humane society). What do you all think? And just for a size comparison: Libby weighs 45 lbs, and stands 18 inches. Freedom probably weighs 20-25 lbs (find out for sure tomorrow) and stands around the 14-15 inch mark.
  6. Aren't they funny little creatures? We learned early on that both Justice and Liberty will not go if the other one's outside, too. (Justice get's this absolutely hilarious wrinkled forehead thing going--he's a St. Bernard/Lab cross--that just shouts embarrassment--even if we open the door too early while he's outside on the tie-out!) I follow those same rules when it comes to Liberty and Freedom (Justice doesn't need to be kenneled--he can't open the locked front door and walk out of the house like Liberty can!)--also taught Liberty to ring a bell by the door if she needed to go out. We've
  7. She never really 'cowered' when given a signal, it was just if we'd move too quickly around her....now, however, she seems more interested in sniffing the area, and listening to the Marching Band practice (we live near the high school), and running through the grass than going potty. She will whimper and run to the back door, but once out there she doesn't do anything. I took her out at 10pm last night, 7:30 am this morning, ran home on lunch to take her out at 12:30, took her out at 6pm, then again at 8pm...she peed 1 time, and that was at 6pm. So I called the vet! They said that wit
  8. I picked her up Saturday, and in that time we've had 2 #2 accidents, and have pottied maybe 2 dozen times outside for #1. (In fact, I don't think she's done #1 enough, and we are going to the vet at 7:30 in the morning!) From what I can tell, she has been given some potty training, and she is kennel trained (we've not had a bit of trouble with kenneling. Her kennel is right next to Liberty's, which both seem to like ). She also is very leery about getting on the furniture, so I'm guessing she's been trained to stay off it. She has gained a bit of weight since Saturday, which is
  9. We've still not had any accidents, but she appears extremely timid when it comes to 'potty'. If I move too fast she hunkers down like she thinks she's done something wrong. Plus the poor little thing is in heat again--and Justice hasn't been altered. So poor little Freedom is currently wearing a diaper when not in her kennel. She's bleeding pretty noticeably, but Justice isn't going nuts...is there something I am missing? Liberty is starting to want to play with her a bit, and Freedom seems receptive...but Liberty is still bullying her a bit, too. She also doesn't eat much, which
  10. 1. Intelligence: There is nothing like watching your dog figure out how to open a LOCKED door. 2. Affection: Nothing like watching your dog climb in your husband's lap for 'daddy/dogter' time! 3. Energy/Enthusiasm: There is nothing like watching them enjoy doing things!
  11. I'm not sure whether my new dog is potty trained, and it just occurred to me that it has been two years since I went through all of this with Liberty. I think I've forgotten a lot of it! I've never rescued an adult dog before, so I'm a little unsure even how to begin. I do have a few questions for those of you who have--she has had a litter, the pups I saw this morning were around 16 weeks old, and fully weened. How is she going to react to not being with them? Is there anything i should be on the look out for? She's been quiet since I got her, but extremely affectionate to me,
  12. While it was discussed between me and my husband... He hasn't actually seen her yet. But he also didn't want Liberty...and she's his baby girl now. I expect he'll be a wee bit exasperated with me for a few days...and then he'll be ok. My one concern at this point is getting Liberty to adjust. within time She's normally very receptive to other dogs..but this is the first one to come into HER world, and she has ALWAYS been the center of attention. I took both Lib and Free out to a friend's house where they could run around like crazy--I live in town, my friend lives on 85 acres--and while
  13. I finally went and done what I had been wanting to do for a while...I got a new baby girl. (Ok, so she's closer to 2...but she's still a baby!) Last week I had to go to the Humane society to see if my mother's cat had somehow been turned in...(long story, he slipped out, blah blah blah...) He was, so he was reunited with my mother...and I took a stroll through the kennels..looking for...Border Collies! I found a little Momma dog, with two 4 mth old pups. What got me about this BC mix is that her expression was so darned sad! I thought at first she wasn't quite a year old--which was feasibl
  14. I'm so glad she's feeling better! Libby did that to me once. I was getting ready for work a few months back and the fiance starts yelling (he's a bit of a panicker). I rush in there (wearing just my socks, how's that for awful???) to find 8 piles of doggie...um....expunge. LARGE piles. So much that I thought it had to have been done by both the dogs. But it wasn't, it was just Libbers. And her little belly was hard as a rock. She wasn't done by any means. But she literally hadn't been alone to eat anything she shouldn't have, so I was clueless. But then she continues vomiting,
  15. WHAHAHAH We think alike...I've posted both of them to my desktop....with a message promising many many things...and guilt tripping, etc.... he'll get the hint.... Or.... He'll say "you do what you want to do anyway...so go ahead..." OR.... I'm really hoping he'll say "I'll drive."
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