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I just have to share - yesterday I had to pick my hubby up from work (I'm working part-time now, which means we get to do the vehicle shuffle as we have only one vehicle), so I took Zoe as I sometimes do. I figure it's good for her.


She knows exactly where hubby's office is down the hall, she drags me all the way there (past the "scary" offices and hallways). But yesterday there were *gasp* strange people in his office! So Zoe hid behind my legs as I stood there and chatted, waiting for them to leave so hubby could go home. The people said Zoe's so pretty, talked about their own dogs, etc.


Well the lady crouched down and talked to Zoe, then put her hand out. Wouldn't you believe it, Zoe sniffed her hand, allowed the lady to pet her under her chin, and then started licking her hand! That's huge. Zoe loves to lick... lick lick lick. But she's always too nervous and afraid around strangers to do it to anyone else. I really think that's the first time I've seen her do that.


Once they'd left I took her for a quick jaunt up and down the hallway (trying to get her used to it), but of course that was too scary and she didn't want anything to do with another nice lady who crouched down to say hi to her (Zoe wouldn't go any closer than 3 feet). But that's okay. She's finally starting to relax in hubby's office, and that's a great step!

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