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Sorry to bother this list but I'm wondering if anyone knows any Australian Cattle Dog Rescue contacts in or around Maryland. This is for a family looking to place their ACD.


PLEASE, I don't know any of the details, so don't preach. This is just a favor for my mom's stepfamily.


Thank you


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There really are not any acd rescues around here. There is one in NC but when I sent the lady a couple emails about some pups in a shelter she never responded so I am not sure if she is still doing rescue or not. I found it by going to cattledog.com. At one time there was a Bull Run Cattledog Rescue but I can no longet find the contact information for them (hence I emailed NC).


You may want to contact an acd rescue in another area and see if they can help.


I have an acd so I try to keep my ears open. Acds are definitely not for everyone. If you can send me an email about this dog (if you can get info), I will post to a couple flyball lists and see if that helps find the dog a home (foschar@yahoo.com)

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