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I had trouble when i did not click on the "select this avatar" button when I did mine the first time, maybe that was it? Your avatar is visible in the little window but if you just close the window and do not click on "select this avatar" first then it won't appear...


Here are the steps to see if you missed any:


Go to My Profile.


Go to Edit Profile.


Scroll down until you see "Avatar Image." Then there will be a link to "Select different avatar image." Click that.


Then a little window should appear. You have some pictures to choose. Down at the bottom of that window, there should be "Use custom URL" and a space to type it in. Type in the URL of the image (should be 65 x 65 pixels) you want to use.


Then click the button that says "Set URL."


Then be sure you also click on the button directly under the image that now appears in the upper left corner that says "Select This Avatar."


Then that little window should disappear on its own.


Now scroll to the bottom of the page for your profile that you had open and click "Update Profile."


Allie + Tess & Kipp


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IF is still doesn't show up after everything in the above post (like it did for me :mad: ) then I have found that there is a 99% chance it is because the URL is to long.


If that is the case then you need to find a place to put the photo that has shorter URLS.

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