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Keepstone Farm Thanksgiving Trial running order


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Here are the running orders for the trial this weekend. We will start with NN @ 8:30 am on Saturday and Sunday. The order of the classes will be NN, PN in field 1 followed by Ranch, Open in field 2. We will not be running the two fields simultaneously this time. Because we anticipate being done early, we will be having non-judged Fun Runs in various fields after Open is over. We'll need volunteers to help put out and hold sheep for this part of the day. Bring your "not quite ready for prime time" youngsters, and/or get some training time in while you are here! Plan to come and enjoy the day, the dogs and the company of others who, like you, are spending their Thanksgiving weekend at a sheepdog trial!


Saturday NN

1 Billy Pritchard Nell

2 Barbara Kuckenbecker Fiona

3 Stacy Scott Kate

4 Laurie Anderson Pod

5 Peter Hall Cap

6 Andre Pelletier Champ

7 Joan Cleveland Titan

8 Susan Schiff Rob

9 Cathy Fiddler Aggie

10 Muffy Seaton Tain

11 Stacy Scott Chief

12 Laurie Anderson Danger

13 Andre Pelletier Vic

14 Stephanie Pressler Faith

15 Bob DeMay Nick

16 Sue Rayburn Celt

17 Peter Hall Doc


Saturday PN

1 Richard Rogers Molly

2 Susan Rhoades RockIt

3 Billy Pritchard Kate

4 Bob Vannoy Wil

5 Doug Brewer Nan

6 Cathy Fiddler Cait

7 Muffy Seaton Lass

8 Susan Rhoades Bill

9 Don Desrosiers Grace

10 Peter Hall Bonnie


Saturday Ranch

1 Deb Pelletier Heather

2 Doug Brewer Bill

3 Evelyne Williams Meg

4 Stacy Scott Floss

5 Carla King Emma


Saturday Open

1 Carla King Maid

2 Susan Rhoades Dupont

3 Florence Wilson Cap

4 Bob Vannoy Ben

5 Richard Rogers Jill

6 Carla King Liz

7 Susan Rhoades Edge

8 Florence Wilson Mac


Sunday NN

1 Cathy Fiddler Aggie

2 Muffy Seaton Tain

3 Stacy Scott Chief

4 Laurie Anderson Danger

5 Andre Pelletier Vic

6 Stephanie Pressler Faith

7 Peter Hall Doc

8 Robin Mongold Tucker

9 Billy Pritchard Nell

10 Barbara Kuckenbecker Fiona

11 Stacy Scott Kate

12 Laurie Anderson Pod

13 Peter Hall Cap

14 Andre Pelletier Champ

15 Joan Cleveland Titan

16 Susan Schiff Rob

17 Robin Mongold Tanner


Sunday PN

1 Pam Gardner Rusty

2 Cathy Fiddler Cait

3 Muffy Seaton Lass

4 Susan Rhoades Bill

5 Don Desrosiers Grace

6 Peter Hall Bonnie

7 Susan Rhoades RockIt

8 Billy Pritchard Kate

9 Bob Vannoy Wil

10 Doug Brewer Nan


Sunday Ranch

1 Stacy Scott Floss

2 Doug Brewer Bill

3 Carla King Emma

4 Deb Pelletier Heather

5 Evelyne Williams Meg


Sunday Open

1 Barb Klein Tad

2 Carla King Liz

3 Susan Rhoades Edge

4 Jim Allen Zip

5 Florence Wilson Mac

6 Pam Gardner Ferrell

7 Carla King Maid

8 Susan Rhoades Dupont

9 Bob Vannoy Ben

10 Florence Wilson Cap

11 Barb Klein Marty

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What are the times on Sunday, for those of us who are coming to watch?

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Yesterday we started around 8:30 am and the runs were over by mid-afternoon. Fun runs followed for a while before everything was done around 4.


It will start with Novice followed by ProNovice (on the smaller field (to the left of the house, along the driveway). Then it will move to the big field behind the house for Ranch and Open.


If they have them, fun runs will be on both fields, depending on who signs up.


I would assume most of the "action" will be between 8:30 am and about 1 pm, as folks may be eager to head home and things may progress more quickly than yesterday.



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Are these the correct driving directions?


Directions: From east, Rt.7 past the Clark County Fairgrounds, through 2 lights, make the next right, which is Russel Rd./Rt. 660. Go 3/10ths of a mile to the driveway on the right, 412 follow signs. From the west: Rt.7 past the Opequon Water Treatment plant. Go another 2 or so miles. Make a left onto Rt.660 to 412. The driveway is on the right follow signs.

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Looks like we wont be making it up to the trial today. I was ready to go early this morning, but nobody else was. We finally got on the road and stopped for breakfast and the next thing I hear is "mom, my tummy hurts". I just gave up and turned around and went back home. At the rate we were going, we probably wouldnt have gotten there till noon anyway.

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Prosperia, Don't feel bad.. I have been planning on going to this trial since I heard about it some time ago.

My 2 grandsons are staying with me til today, since Thursday. My youngest, came into my room in the middle of the night, crying with an earache!! soooo, I guess I'll try some other time. I KNOW, if I keep trying, someday, I will get to a trial, I just know I will!

Hope your little one is ok.

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There's a lot of stuff going around right now. PJ had to stay home from church this morning - sore throat and fever. He's been hoarse since before Thanksgiving. At least with home schooling he won't miss any school tomorrow! :rolleyes:

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Strangely, I havent heard a word about that tummy ache since we got back home. I think Mike put him up to it. :rolleyes: No, not really. The drive was really just too long a haul anyway. I didnt realise until I mapquested it this morning that it was going to be over a 3hr. drive. If I was by myself I would have gone, but with everybody in tow, I could see that it was just going to end up being a stressful trip.

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