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News from Soldier Hollow?


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Yeah, I was there. I can't quite stomach trying to re-live it right at the moment, though. And I didn't get to see as much of the runs as I would like. I was stationed at exhaust (and a couple of other places as well!), which kept me pretty busy and didn't always give me a good view of the whole course.


I'll say this for now: from my point of view the principal challenges were (1) the sheep were very tough - tougher than last year, (2) the outrun was blind for all practical purposes. The handlers might have a different opinion. I don't believe anybody got the pen during the finals, and only a couple of people finished the international shed. (But I could be wrong. Keeping the first set and/or shed sheep out of the exhaust, and keeping the exhaust sheep off of the field, not to mention recycling collars, kept my eyes off the runs.)



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