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Skin rash


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Cooper gets temporarily rash on his belly often after he trains in SAR. I watch them carefully but they usually disappear overnight. It's usually when he works in heavily wooded area so I thought he was allergic to some plants. He's not scratching so I don't think they itch much.


Today we went to disaster training which is an urban training and has no woods - only rubble piles. We came home and he had the same rash on his belly where he's got the least hair. There was no plant.


He didn't eat anything different today. It only happens after training. I wonder if it's psychological?? :eek: I don't know... I bet it will go away overnight again. One time I was going to show this to a vet but it always go away quickly. I don't think it's anything serious but I was so curous why it happens...



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