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Changing Diet and some other stuff


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Our Foste Pete has had A LOT of changes in the past couple of days. and my biggest worry is his change in diet.

we are still feeding SD puppy, and while I don't like it, shelby doesn't like it... Pete could care less. BUT he is having Major Diarriah (sp?) and rank gas. is this change in diet going to have any more bad effects? or just stinky butt for a bit?


And another thing... :rolleyes:

he will be going to the Vet soon.. but I wanted to ask and see if anybody could help.

I can't post a picture until tonight. (breaking down and just buying another USB cord for the Camera)

He has a spot on his leg/ankle? it has no hair and i guess it looks like a hot spot. it had a little patch of hair but when I was playing with the spot a little to see if it hurt him or what the patch fell off taking a chunk the brown scab (i am guessing)with it.

this spot does not seem to bother him, as I can poke and touch it and move his ankle area about. but since he came into our home. the brown part is coming off to a red spot now?

I just don't know what to think of this.

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actually Canidea (once again(sp?)) but I have to find somewhere close that sells it at a fair price. but then again it might just be eaiser to buy it online and have it shipped, maybe cheaper. I will research.

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I had a hard time finding places that ship for free Timber Wolf Organics does from their site, but I had to hunt down the Innova here.

I didnt look for Canidae but, I did search for Atremis, Innova, Timber wolf and a few others, all had shipping except the TWO site Sad really, the shipping for a 33lb bag was almost as much as the food itself! Ugh!

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