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UTI prevention?


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When the vets got Magie's urinalysis results back after her accident, they noticed signs of a possible UTI developing. I was wondering - can dogs take cranberry juice to help prevent UTIs like people do?


I'm heading to the natural foods store to get some other stuff today and figured I could pick up some w/o sugar added if it might help her out.

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Both my girls have urinary incontinence, and I've been using cranberry capsules, pricked and squeezed onto their food, for a couple years. They each get one 3 mornings a week. The cranberry seems to help keep their need for PPA down a bit. I use the capsules because I know for certain neither of my princesses would drink cran. juice, even diluted in their water.


A holistic vet I went to a few years ago recommended it, and another friend used it for her girl's UTI tendency.


Hope this helps.


Ruth n the BC3

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Tess had a UTI once, very bad, and the vet said she would need surgery. This was a surgery-happy vet I found out later, but Tess is prone to them because of her anatomy. I give both of my dogs a cranberry pill every morning after I brush their teeth. I just put a little peanut butter or cheese on them and they grab them out of my hand.


Tess also has spay incontinence, but that was not helped in any way by the cranberry. She gets "Leaks No More" homeopathic remedy for that. I scoffed at the idea, but it works so she gets that every morning, too.


So far no more UTIs for Tess and none ever for Kipp.


Allie + Tess & Kipp


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