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Started allergy shots today


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Did you know that dogs can get allergy shots just like humans? I didn't. Then again, I didn't know humans got allergy shots either!


My vet, Dr. Martin, has some pretty bad allergies herself, so she can relate. She showed me how to give him the shots and I'll have to give him two every other day for a while, then every five, then every seven, every ten, and so on, in increasing amounts and stronger concentrations.


Did I mention that I don't particularly care for needles? :rolleyes:


The one vial stings going in and I'm sure Boyden is going to quickly view shot time as run and hide time. I'll "pretend" to give him shots several times before Sunday and make it real fun for him.


I really like his new vet. She's had her own BC's (which don't seem to be all that common around here) though they have since passed on. She's teared up twice now on our visits to her. She'll love on Boyden and tell me about her old BC's and choke back tears. She's really taken a liking to him.


I hope these allergy shots help. He's been itching and scratching alot with all of this pollen flying around. Anyone have any experience with these shots?

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I was just thinking about you and Boy this morning! Can't help you with the shots, our dermatologist thought they were not an option for us, so we don't have any experience.


Is he any better at all, or different? We just went thru an itchy period with Shonie and now she's back to a relatively non itchy phase. I can easily tell because her white paws stain pink when she bites them a lot, and they're very white now! She's got those 4 environmental allergies that we know of for sure, and probably some others, as well as her food things.


Hope someone can help with the shots thing. I know when my sister was in nursing school she used to have to practice on oranges, before they got to practice on each other!


Ruth n the BC3

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His ears are doing great but he's been itching and scratching a fair amount (nothing too extreme). He's allergic to several things and it's going to be impossible to shelter him from all of them. Spring is here and that is likely causing much of the itching.


He did not shed at all (which was VERY nice!) until just a few days ago. Now he's shedding and appears to have dandruff. Don't know if this is related to his allergies or what. He has no undercoat. My vet said he may grow an undercoat when his allergies get under control.


Thanks for asking. He's doing quite well. I have to give him my first shots today. I'm a bit nervous!

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