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Vision problems in blue eyed bc?

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Hi, All,


Does anyone have any knowledge about vision problems in a bc w/blue eyes? Shoshone, (somewhere around 9 or 10 yrs) doesn't seem to see as well as the other 2.


She doesn't see her fetch toy on the ground, has a lot of trouble locating it visually. She catches in mid air very well, but if it hits the ground and bounces, it takes her quite some time to find. And if I'm sitting quietly in a room, she'll come right up to me, staring at me, until I speak, then she wags her tail and goes to lay down. In the same type of situation, Sammi and Buzz will just walk by, glance over at us, wag just a bit, and go on.


No obvious troubles, no discharge, pawing at her eyes, or anything like that. We do have an excellent vet opthamologist close by, and can take her if our regular vet thinks its wise.

I think I just wanted to know if anybody here had any info - maybe she just needs bifocals? :rolleyes:




Ruth n the Border Trio

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My homozygous merle has blue eyes. He sees a specialist once a year to have his eyes checked and so far his vision is just fine. Some AB's (my other breed) have blue eyes and their isn't any visual problems related to the blue eyes in the breed. I get Fionn's checked simply because of his genetic background.

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